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From 1780 to the 20th century, the Philips family were the leaders in Whitefield. The first to come to Whitefield was Nathaniel. His son, Robert bought the Park with 126 acres of land and built his house on it. Here the family lived until his grand-daughter, Miss Anna Maria Philips died in 1946.

Their business, J & N Philips in Church street, Manchester was one of the two leading warehouses in the city. Robert and his descendants were great benefactors to Whitefield. Robert's younger son gave and financed Park Lane School. He was MP for Bury for many years and was High Sheriff of Lancashire in 1856. Mark, one of the first MPs for Manchester, was responsible for passing a bill to levy a penny rate for the provision of parks in Manchester. Philips Park, Bradford, Manchester is named after him.

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