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The name 'Stand' is derived from a hunting stand, from which the country could be scanned for game.

At the time of the Conquest the seat of the Pilkingtons was at Stand Hall. This, the original Stand Hall, was probably on the site of the building which is now known as Stand Old Hall, an Ringley Road just beyond Old Hall Road. Later, probably in the 13th century, another Hall was built opposite the top of Stand Lane. Much confusion has arisen because a part of the medieval Hall survived until recent times and some referred to it as 'The Old Hall', to distinguish it from the Victorian Stand Hall which, at that time stood less than one hundred yards behind it.

Shortly after the Battle of Bosworth Field (October 1485) the Hall at Stand opposite Stand Lane was only partly demolished. A portion of the original buildings right on the edge of Ringley Road, was for many years used as a barn. The 'barn' was built in the reign of Henry V. A Ministry of Housing and Local Government Report made in the middle of the 20th century stated that it was a remarkable example of an elaborate timber-framed medieval Great Hall. It contained some very fine timbers with quatrefoil decorations, and had two square-headed, four-light windows with 14th Century tracery. It has been suggested that the building was constructed from material brought from the Old Church at Manchester when it was re-built in 1442, but this is unlikely.

After the Second World War steps were being taken to have the barn preserved as an ancient monument but, just as arrangements were nearing completion, the roof fell in. Attempts to preserve the building were then abandoned. It was finally demolished in the 196O's when all the land belonging to Stand Hall was cleared to make way for a housing estate now bounded by Ringley Road, Ringley Drive and Ten Acre Drive.

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