NONE OF THE CONTENT presented within this site is to be taken seriously. It is all apart of a fictional community known as All-SIM. I am a teenager who plays SIM Games for a hobby, nothing more. I do not claim to have taken any of the pictures of the horses or to own the horses myself. Any similarities to real life horses is a complete accident. I'm willing to modify/remove anything (pictures being the main objective) that you see and would like to be removed. Simply e-mail me at whiteoleanderfarm@yahoo.com and ask me to do so. These horses pedigrees do consist of real life horses, but I must emphasize the fact that the horses themselves are not real and do not hold any value in real life. The layout itself was created and coded by Jessica Lacy (referred to as noel in SIM, aka me) and I would appreciate it if all of it's content remained original.