Welcome to William's Dinosaur Page!!!

William loves playing with dinosaurs and reading dinosaur books.
He has all the "Land before Time" movies
although he now seems to enjoy the "Jurassic Park" movies more.

He has a very good impression of a T-Rex.

He can tell you quite a bit of trivia about dinosaurs.

I Love Dinosaurs!!!
Here is a young William posing with his dinosaur collection!!!
(That collection has now grown to probably over 100 dinosaurs)

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Dino Links:
(updated December 30th, 2006)

Trick or Treat!!!
Halloween 2003
William as a dinosaur, his sister Rebecca as a princess

Dot to Dot:
Enchanted Learning

Trivia Games:
Real or Make-Believe
Dinosaur Trivia
Paleontology Quizzes
Who Dung It?
Dinosaur Quiz Show
Dino Might Brain Teaser

Our Dinosaur Story Book
What happened to all the Dinosaurs?  And what if they came back?
A Dinosaur Tale
Korky's Dino Hunt
Dinos Rock
Dinosaurs - pdf printable easy reader

Dinosaur Word Searches:
Free Learning Games online Dinosaur word search
Dinosaur Wordsearch
Jurassic Jumble
Ice Age Word Wise Challenge


Other Games:
Kid's Domain - Dino Games
Find a Dino
Dinosaur Playground
The Great Dinosaur Mystery
Build a Dinosaur
Bonus.com - Dinosaur Games
Alfy's Picks for Dinosaurs 
Scholastic Dinosaurs 
Dinomite (a favourite of William's mom)
A Dinosaur Game from Boowa & Kwala
Dinosphere Games
What Dinosaur are You?

Dinofun has the following games: 

Dino Drop
Jumpin' Bubster
Dino Simon
Stuck in Juriassic Park
Super Dino Brothers


Colouring Books:

Printable Pictures:
Printable Dinosaur Fun
Coloring Page.net 
Dinosaur Fossil Hunt & Match 
Ivy's Dinosaur Coloring 
CDK's Printable Coloring Pages
The Wonder Museum Coloring Book
Happy Tulip - Make your own coloring Page
Youth Online Dinosaur Pages

Colour Online:
Surfing the Net with Kids
Kendra's Coloring Book -Ornithomimus
Land Before Time Coloring Book


Donny the Dinosaur in Love Hurts
Peterson Sales Dinosaur Movie
Dinosaur Dance Flash Movie

Dino Playground Dinosaur Jokes
Dinosaur Jokes


Dinosaur Songs:
(William's mom is music teacher and uses some of these songs at school!!!)
Perpetual Preschool Dino Songs
Bry-Back Manor 
Songs for Teaching 
9 Dinosaur Songs 
Dinosaur Revue 
I Want to be a Dinosaur 
There is a ... 
Preschool Education  
Preschool Express 
Songs LearnEnglish Kids

Dinosaur Merchandise:
Dinosaur Farm - purchase dinosaur goodies here
Decorate with Style - decorate a dinosaur bedroom
- Check out the border in William's room

Dinosaur Park
Royal Tyrrell Museum 
Dinosaur outside of Tyrrell MuseumStanding in front of Drumheller sign
Pictures from when we went to Drumheller, Alberta
in the summer of 2002 (or as William called it - "The Great Valley")
In soup bowl at our Camp Ground

Dino Graphics

California Dreaming - Dinosaur Clipart
Meme Art - Free Clipart
Pat's Graphics
Bry-Back Manor 
The Pink Dinosaur
Running Dinosaur
Kids Turn Central
Dinosaur Cartoons by Charles Parker
Web Sets
Black Dog  
Pat's Web Graphics Tiled Background
Pat's Web Graphics Side Bordered
Graphics by Pencar
Dinosaur webset
Graphics by Carla
Karen Perry's Graphics
Site Solutions
Tangle Web

William had a Dinosaur theme for this Third & Fourth Birthday

For his Fifth Birthday it was bats.

For his Sixth birthday it was back to dinosaurs!!!
happy 6th birthday William!!!

His Seventh and Eighth Birthday cakes had a soccer theme.

 Here are some dinosaur party ideas found while
surfing the net:

Dinosaur Egg Hunt
Kids Domain
Dinosaur Party
Mom's Break
Bry-Back Manor - Make a Dinosaur Cake 
Dino-mite Ideas for a Dinosaur Birthday Party 
Dinosaur Birthday Banner to print 

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Playing Hard!!!
Playing With his dinosaurs


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dinosaur6.gif (23075 bytes) Dinosaur-Hatchling Certificate

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I found this Dinosaur Background at:
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Animated T-Rex from:
Kids animated gifs and clipart