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Welcome To WiCkEt's SiTe!!
The  Original  Base was created by Rich Bellacera & Robert Bradley
Then More Creators Started Adding a few of their own Creations and
from what i have
collected and created its alot!! and more keep comming out !!
I did this site cause my original site was down, This wasn't meant to be my site but do to the fact of members and friends sent their thoughts of why to keep this site up was beyond me
so i guess its my site and its here to stay!!
like you people read this crap anyways  (shrubbs shoulders)
Peace im outty
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If you have a template or animation you want created send detales to
WiCkEt HaRLey@aol.com
cause i have ran out of ideas
The History OF Micro Heroes Starts Here
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My Favorite Quote From Mr. Rich Bellacera is (Oh, and just in case you didn't know it yet, StorTroopers software is WAY overpriced  and SUCKS!)
All Templates on this site are property of lilguyz-group
they are yours for the taken so be kind
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