M E L O C U R E . . .

MELOCURE (メロキュア) is a singing & chorus unit made up of Okazaki Ritsuko (ritz) and Hinata Megumi (meg). MELOCURE made its debut in 2002 with the single Itoshii Kakera under the Columbia Music Entertainment. The name MELOCURE is short for "Melodic Hard Cure", which is also the title of their first album.

Hinata regards Okazaki, being the older one of the two, as the group leader. They both took turns in writing the lyrics and music, and even singing the songs -- one sang the main vocals while the sang the back-up chorus. The first time we got to hear both girls sing the main vocals together is in the song 1st Priority from their second single. Both girls have their own distinguished singing styles. Okazaki sings with a soft, whispery voice and, her songs are mostly gentle and melancholy. Whereas on the other hand Hinata has a high, clear voice, and her songs have more of a pop feel. Total opposites, yet they managed to make it work.

Apart from singing, MELOCURE hosted a 15-minute radio segment, "MELOCURE no Chinmoku no Radio" every sunday. The theme song is appropriately titled Sunday Sundae. After Okazaki's demise, Hinata Megumi continued hosting the show by herself. The last segment was aired on December 29 2004, on Okazaki's birthday (a little random trivia here... both Okazaki's and Hinata's birthday fall on December. Hinata's is on the 24th).

MELOCURE released a total of 3 singles and 1 album altogether. Okazaki passed away around the time they were promoting the release of their first album.

If the name Hinata Megumi doesn't ring the bell, then perhaps Gumi does? Yes, Hinata Megumi, who also goes by the name meg rock, is that very same person who sang the catchy intro song of Card Captor Sakura, Catch you Catch Me. She had also done a collaboration with composer Honma Akimitsu, under the name "g.e.m.". Hinata used to live in the US so her english is above the average japanese.