Jungle Habitat

Jungle Habitat - Jungle Habitat was once a zoo which opened by Warner Brothers back in 1972 and stayed open for only a short 4 years. It's been 30 years that the park has been closed and still some structures remain. The zoo is located in upper West Milford, NJ near Greenwood Lake Airport. We had the opportunity to visit this vintage relic of the past one Sunday afternoon and looking around the old place makes me feel like I've missed out on something great. Now all overgrown and mostly broken down, the buildings that used to be here are nothing but piles of lumber and metal. Most of the land has been cleared out by the state in attempts to turn the place into a large lot for a circus or carnival in the near future. It feels like we were just in time to pay a visit before it was completely gone.

Jungle Habitat - The entrance which used to hold the large sign at it's gates. The sign is now taken down and construction crews work to clean up the old zoo and renovate it to accomodate a circus in the future.

The Jungle Habitat sign, what it used to look like.

The LONG hill heading up the road towards the parking lot.

The abandoned parking lot.

A unusual sight, bagels! It's a coincidence that bagels were also spotted alongside Clinton Rd.

A closer look..yup! They're bagels!

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