5/22/05 Okay I made the mistake of deleting the original version of this page. Yeah I know big mistake. Well Iím re-making it again arenít I? Well, Iíve gotten more experience playing with geocities easy upload and Microsoft word web pages, itíd be a helluva lot easier if I had the internet at home though, then I could do all these things when I think of them instead of having to wait until the next weekday after school in order to update. But enough about me lets get to the point. Well first off UPDATES all around the site, I have been doing something more than playing with paintshop all day. As you can see I changed the title image around a bit, thereís another version that I wanted to put up, but I made the mistake of overwriting it, Iíll try to create again eventually. Anywho, you may now see a few of my story clips on the Writings page that before linked to a ďSorry I have not updated this age yetĒ place holder. Itís better than a dead link though. So thatís how things stand now. And now, to put the linkage box back up.


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