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Workforce NJ One-Stop
Career Center
3810 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood, New Jersey  08260
Phone (609) 729-0997 / Fax (609) 729-8455
Manager:   Mildred Wall
Unemployment    Insurance
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The Workforce New Jersey One Stop Career System is committed to providing job seekers and employers with a complete array of labor market and work preparation services. The design and delivery of core workforce development services are universally accessible to all individuals and employer customers. Based on the community's labor market needs, the One-Stop System provides services in an efficient, user friendly, technology-based environment. The goals are to support business growth by connecting employers to a  well prepared local labor force, foster strong work preparation skills, and empower job seekers with the information and support they need to make an informed decision leading to permanent, long term work. These goals are supported by knowledgeable staff, in a flexible and adaptable environment with a commitment to customer-based continuous improvement.
By providing all individuals with comprehensive, timely and accurate information and services, the Workforce New Jersey One-Stop Career System facilitates a positive outcome for anyone who enters the system, giving direct access to labor market information, labor exchange activities and the means to prepare for and secure gainful employment.
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