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The Literaria

  • Literature in Russian, English and German
    Highlights: Daniil Kharms, Fazil' Iskander, Iosif Brodsky, Nabokov, A. Solzhenitsyn,  Mbl (We) by Evgeni Zamyatin, Russian literary parodies, and randomly selected Russian poetry.
  • Literaria by friends
    Including translations into English of Platonov and Pelevin; poetry by Sergey Arkhipov and Alexey Khrabrov; parodies on M. Kundera, J. Borges, J. Haydn, D. A. Prigov, and J. Brodsky.
  • A page of miscellanea of occasional literary merit, in English and in Russian.
    Among which, essays, some Russian humor and Anti-Soviet library.
  • Also: a MIDI music page, a physics-oriented page, a computer-oriented page, Russkaja Latinica (a proposal for transliteration), texts in old Russian orthography, Russian E-text Lab, about myself
    Since 1996
    Brodsky's autograph

    Favorite quotes

    - What can you tell us about yourself?
    - Nothing.
    Iosif Brodsky, during his last public appearance, Boston, 1995

    People have fallen low. They've let their bodies become mute, and they can speak only through their mouths.
    Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba' the Greek

    Move -- and a shadow appears.
    Be conscious -- and you shall create cold ice.
    But those who neither act nor comprehend
    unavoidably end up in a wild fox's den.
    Tao Te Ching

    Eleven times Jesus died on the cross,
    Eleven times falls down a body thrown upward,
    Eleven times also I abandon the logical flow of thought.
    D. Kharms

    I would have phrases that are not known, utterances that are strange, in a new language that has not been used, free from repetition, not an utterance that has grown stale, which men of old have spoken.
    Egyptian scribe fixed on stone at the very dawn of recorded utterance

    This page sometimes undergoes reconstruction.
    Likewise, one's life may consist of constant revision of thought and feeling.



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