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Marketing a business is serious business. Perhaps the most cost effective marketing and public relations is the corporate web site. Especially when the web site is designed, promoted and maintained by the right programmer. 24/7 customer service, instantaneous updates and the capability to take credit card orders over the internet can propell an aggressive business to the forefront of the competition. Just look at Bill Gates.

For less than the investment in a single small advert in a local phone book, your business can have a "televised," multi-page, interactive presence all over the world. Ownership of home computers is expected to triple in the next couple of years, with internet access reaching a larger percentage of the buying public every day. News media are using the internet more and more for gathering research on their news stories. Intelligent public relations can reap thousands of dollars worth of free publicity.

Failure to cash in on web site ownership can handicap even the best of organizations in the tough and tumble world of market share.

Winners Web Design can handle the design of your site, account set up with:

  • affordable (or free!) Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • affordable (or free!) website hosting
  • affordable (or free!) email accounts
  • affordable (or free!) world wide promotion
  • online catalog sales with or without credit-card account
  • custom website features
  • affordable routine updates
  • expert logo design
  • writing and submission of press releases

Give us a call or an email to discuss what you and your business need to accomplish. Whether it's simply an online presence with a map for your customers or an interactive virtual store, we can help get those customers purchasing your products and services.

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Friday, May 12, 2000

John Lee

KNOXVILLE -- An entry from Pellissippi State Technical Community College (PSTCC) won the TennesSeed Technology-in-Business web site design contest today. 150 entries from state colleges competed for the $10,000 top prize, with a separate category for state high schools. Early entry into the contest also paid $1,000.

LRT Web Wizards won the college division with an entry from John Lee, Carol Rhoads and Sandra Thaler that showcased Knoxville's world-famous graphic design business, Yee-Haw Industries, located downtown on Gay Street. Gay Bryant's Office System's Technology web site design class also won $5,000 3rd place with an entry from The Entrepreneurs for CTI-PET (Positron Emission Tomography), Inc, headquartered in Knoxville.

The high-school division $10,000 prize was won by an entry from Loudon High School by Caleb Wright on Project Cheese, describing Sweetwater Valley Farms in Philadelphia, Tenn.

Pellissippi engineering student John Lee started up the full service PR agency, Winners Web Design. which is currently designing a new web site for Lee, Lee and Lee attorneys at law in Knoxville. During its first month of operation, cases worth over $500,000 in fees were signed up and filed in court as a direct result of the web site. Television ads directed potential tobacco-related clients to the web site for detailed information and screening. John Lee also completed a PR web site called Complete Samrties Guide to Winning in Parking Court explaining motor-vehicle law in downtown Knoxville and the University of Tennessee campus. A web book by John Lee titled The Prohibition Times explains why Tennessee's Driver License Handbook claims a 0.00% blood-alcohol level is proof of drunk driving, and gives free lifesaving driving tips for operating both cars and motorcycles. An article written by Lee for a Pellissippi State journalism class, interviewing 3rd-place US presidential candidate and consumer-rights attorney Ralph Nader from the Green Party and published in The Southerner online magazine, was quoted by the New York Times on May 23, 2000.


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Lee, Lee & Lee Attorneys at Law
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The Complete Smarties Guide to Winning in Parking Court
FREE self-help E-book by Lee Paralegal Investigations: RICO Class Actions vs. Illegal Towing and Banning of Parking Meters in Knoxville TN

Complete Smarties Guide to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Riding
FREE E-book on the Censored Secrets of Countersteering and 100-MPG Ferraris

Complete Smarties Guide to Wreckless Driving
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The Prohibition Times: America's Secret History of Alcohol Prohibition
FREE self-help E-book: A Responsible Driver's Survival Guide to "Criminal" Defense Law

Unofficial Website for Knoxville Green Party
Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader Fights for Drivers' Right to Life

TMI Academy and Tennessee Military Institute
High School Site: Alumni, Faculty and Friends: Contacts and School History

State-of-the-art research and educational website that uses NASA's own evidence to debunk its wild conspiracy theory that NASA and Hollywood are currently capable of sending humans to the Moon - or anywhere outside low-Earth orbit - and returning them alive through the deadly radiation of outer space

Pirate News: September 911 Surprise
Uncensored news of world-wide mass murders committed in September and October 2001


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World War 2 MIA-POW Saga with a Motorsports Twist

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Webmaster John Lee's Interview with Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader

The New York Times: Longer Wait to See Dragons Slain by Law
Quoting John Lee's interview of Nader re Americans' Museum of Tort Law

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