Normand "Biff" Hamel
  Normand Hamel, called "Biff" by criminal associates, was born in 1956. He  hooked up  with the Montreal  based SS motorcycle gang  in the 1970s and remained a member, along with Maurice "Mom" Boucher and Salvatore Cazzetta, until the group's dissolve in 1984.

     He became a 
prospect for the Hells Angels Laval-based  North chapter. But the  North chapter  was  targeted for  death by  the rest of  the Quebec Angels and Hamel was present at the March 24, 1985 execution of 5 North chapter members in Lennoxville. Members hold Hamel and prospect Claude "Coco" Roy at gunpoint as their comrades are slaughtered inside.

     "Biff" Hamel  received his
colors - as did Maurice  Boucher - days  after Death Riders president Martin Huneault was shot to death in a Laval bar on May 4, 1987. It  is strongly  believed by law  enforcement t hat Hamel  and Boucher  were behind the Huneault  murder and that their  reward for  it all was their colors.
Hells Angels Nomads Chapter
   Hamel would eventually become godfather of  the Death Riders gang, nearly ten years after his induction into the club. He was given the position  after Hells Angel Scott Steinert's brutal  murder on November 4, 1997. He now supervised the gang's narcotics and prostitution networks in Laval and the lower Laurentians.

     His power  and influence in the organization  continued to grow  and, on June 24, 1995, Hamel became one of the nine founding members of the gang's elite Nomads chapter. He was considered by many to be the right-hand man of Maurice "Mom" Boucher, leader of the Nomads.

     On  April 17, 2000, "Biff" Hamel drove his wife and son to a pediatrician's office on St. Martin Boulevard  in Laval. As he left  the buildiong, two  armed men chased him through the  parking lot and shot him  several times. He  was pronounced dead upon his arrival  at the hospital. Hamel  had ignored  months of  police warning that the Rock Machine had targeted  members of  the Nomads chapter. He was 44 years old.