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Strong and True

We can pick her out anywhere, even in a crowded hall;
She's the one with shoulders back, chin up and standing tall.

Nothing out of place, no loose buttons or Irish pennants to be seen,
She would not stand for it; after all, she's a Marine.

She has earned her right, suffering with bruises and pain;
The training is not easy; she made it and has the right to remain.

Though bruised and battered and at times her body bent,
She pushed herself forward, her own pain forgotten, as she stops to help a friend.

No matter what they pushed her way, she didn't relent
Because she was bound and determined to make it to the end.

Pushing forward, at times against all odds, doing it all and more.
What's inside that drives her is "Esprit de Corps."

So when you see her standing in her uniform of blue or green,
Keep in mind she belongs to an elite sisterhood that accepts only the Few and the Proud.

ALways standing strong and true,
For she is a United States Woman Marine.

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