The Devil's Catalog - Merchandise
- As Mentioned in
Grendel-Devil's Legacy #11

This is by no means a complete list, but it's pretty comprehensive. If you know of anything related to Grendel that isn't listed here, please let me know about it!
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Figural Statues and Busts

Statue #1 - Hunter Rose
Designed by Randy Bowen this statue is really nice. Made in two editions (with different boxes), and also a bronze edition. The design is the same as the Grendel Shirt #4 from Graphitti, featuring Hunter Rose holding a skull surrounded by roses. The Fork is also real metal and sharp. The first edition was 500 statues and had an MSRP of $150.00. This edition comes in a blue box. A second run of statues was done with a Red box, and this increased the total available to 2000 pieces.

There is a very limited bronze version of the statue as well which was released about six months after the original. The MSRP was $2,000 and there's only 25 of them.

Statue #2 - Grendel Prime The second statue is Grendel Prime and was issued about a year later, and it's also $150.00. It's really cool, with sharp metal spikey things coming out his back (like he had in Batman/Grendel II). There were 2000 of these suckers produced.

Statue #3 - Christine Spar A THIRD Grendel statue of Christine Spar was Grendel arrived in December of 2000. Damn them. I still don't have the first one. Urgh!. Anyway, Christine is posed on a base, with a similar fork from the first statue (i.e. it's real metal and sharp). It's also retailed for $150 and had an edition size of 2000.

Statue #4 - Hunter Rose A Second Statue of Hunter Rose has recently been released by Dynamic Forces to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Grendel. It retails for approximately $140. Sigh. I'll never own any of these.

Statue #5 - Hunter Rose A Third Statue of Hunter has been released as part of Dark Horse Comics' Vintage Tin Statue Series. This is an affordable piece (under $50) that includes a nifty tin and a pin! Limited to 550 copies.

Bust Triple Pack Bowen designs did a nice three pack of mini-busts based on the classic three Grendels (Hunter, Christine and Prime). These still show up on eBay every now and then and you CAN get them for under the original MSRP of $49.95.

Grendel Magnet
OK This is sculpted by Randy Bowen no doubt, and it's really bloody nice. Mine's on my fridge and looks quite menacing. Anyway it costs around 7 bucks I think, comes in a four color box and should be still available from Dark Horse...though don't quote me on that. It's the Hunter Rose image from the front cover of the Dark Horse edition of Devil by the Deed.

Action Figures and PVCs

Grendel Action Figure #1 - Hunter Rose

Sculpted by Randy Bowen (I think) and produced by Graphitti designs.

It's part of the first wave of Big Blast figures. Comes carded on a four color card with a fork, skull, cloth mask straps and an extra hand. The extra hand allows you to either pose the figure with the Skull (it fits in the open version of the right hand) or the fork in both hands (the fist version). It originally sold for around 15 bucks, but you can get it way cheaper.

I got a second one for $5.00 at a convention a few years ago. There is also a Kevin Matchstick figure (from MAGE and if you don't know what that is shame on you...and the figure is in two versions, but since this is a Grendel page I'm not going into the variations).

My only complaint, is though there are a whopping 16 points of articulation, the figure isn't all that poseable....and there's no Argent figure to mess around with. The best I can do is buy a Madman and Mage figure and let them all fight it out

Grendel Action Figure #2 - Christine Spar - The second Grendel Action Figure arrived from Graphitti Designs; Christine Spar was actually sculpted by Matt himself, and she comes with the following: 16 points of articulation, the classic Grendel Fork (it's the same fork as the Hunter Rose figure), replacement unmasked head (this is a NICE sculpt), replacement hand that holds a draped mask (it's plastic, but looks really nice), Spynocs, the Grendel Ledger (a book that actually opens), grappling hook with rope.

It came in an assortment with Hellboy and the Spirit. I got the Hellboy figure too, but I haven't bought the Spirit yet. Another FINE set of figures from Graphitti.

Grendel PVC Set - Dark Horse and DC Comics have been doing these really nice PVC sets for a few years now (there's one for Mage as well), and they finally got around to doing Grendel. This includes all of the major Grendels: Hunter, Christine, Brian, Eppy, Prime, Orion and Jupiter Assante. At $39.99 I think it's pricey, but I've seen them cheaper on Ebay. They come in a BEAUTIFUL four-color collector's box. I sure could use a set (STILL).

Apparel & Other Clothing Related Items

Grendel Hat
Yes, a baseball type cap from Dark Horse sold originally for $17.95. It's one size fit's all.

Grendel Tote Bag
Made by Comico, it's a beige tote bag with red graphics printed. The image is a John K. Snyder III/Jay Geldholf piece. At some point it sold for $9.95, but that was a LONG, long time ago. I'd really like to have one. I'm currently looking for a picture of this item, if you have one, please email it to me and I'll be happy to give you credit.

Grendel T-Shirts

Over the years there have been quite a few different T-Shirts featuring just about all the different incarnations of Grendel. MOST of them were produced by Graphitti Designs and can still be purchased directly from them.
By Graphitti Designs:

  1. Wanted Poster
  2. Christine Spar
  3. Eppy Thatcher
  4. Hunter Rose (this was the design used for the Statue)
  5. Grendel Prime
  6. Cycle Pin
  7. Hunter Tuxedo
  8. Black, White & Red
  9. Devil's Legacy
  10. "Devil Eyes"
  11. 25th Anniversary
  12. Behold the Devil
  13. Jill Thompson's Lil Devil

Other Companies

  1. Grendel Day 1993 Shirt by Golden Age Collectables - The shirt is the same piece used for the back cover of the Grendel Cycle Comic. A signed copy of this shirt sold for $32 on Ebay a few years back.

Grendel Sweatshirts
By Graphitti

  1. Grendel #4 Cover
  2. Grendel #4 Last Page


The Original Grendel Mask by Mindscape - This was a really nice lycra mask with stitched in eye patches. It originally sold in two editions, a standard was $35.95 and the limited which was signed and numbered by MW was $99.95. The original producer of these masks still had some a couple of years ago, and was selling them through Ebay, but these have since dried up and his contact information that I had is no longer working. Try Ebay, but you're going to spend a pretty penny, I just saw one sell for $122 (week of September 4, 2006). Here's pics of the front and back of the box:

Grendel Fright Mask - A plastic "halloween" type mask was produced in 1998, it comes bagged with a header card. Not all that great, but it is cheap at $4.95, and it's still available from Graphitti.

Trading Cards

Perhaps the hardest thing I've ever tried to do is collect all the Grendel Trading cards, and there's only SEVEN of them!

That's IT! Matt told me at one point there were plans to make a 50 card boxed set, like the Concrete set from Dark Horse a few years back, but the plans fell through. They didn't think there would be enough interest. WRONG AGAIN!

A description of the cards is below
4 Card Set by Dark Horse. Reprints the covers of Grendel War Child #1-4 (by Simon Bisley). The backs are puzzle pieces which form a Grendel Prime drawing. They are EXTREMELY difficult to find these days. I bought my set from Matt for $10.00. The puzzle on the back is funky too. Haven't seen these in a LONG time.

In Wizard #53 there was Grendel Card from something call the Creator's Portfolio.. It's a rather nice image of Grendel Prime on the front and a picture of Matt on the back.. It is by and far the easiest Grendel Trading Card to get. I still see them at shows for a buck apiece.

There was a set of cards published by Fredonia Funnyworks in Orange California to commemorate their 10th Anniversary. #3 iin that set is a Grendel Prime card, done in black and red (with red glitter). The back has Fredonia's phone number, which has since been disconnected, and it's copyrighted 1993. Matt had several copies of the card available at the 1997 San Diego Comic Con, but I haven't seen any since.

Apparently when Wildstorm did their collectible card game, there was a chase card that Hunter Rose appeared on, with the same artwork as on the back of the blister card that the Hunter Action Figure came on. I'm just finding this out now. Here's a pic.

Nice card eh. I bought this example on Ebay for $5.00.

A Signature card was produced for the 1997 SD Comic Con, it features the upcoming Black White and Red series "Portraits of Evil." It's bigger than a normal trading card and on lighter stock. A picture of it appears in Grendel Tales:The Devil's Apprentice #3. Other signature cards may exist, I just don't know about them yet.

A similar promo card was produced for Grendel Past Prime. It has the cover of the book, and is about the same size as the BW&R cad. I don't have one yet.

A THIRD promo card was produced for "Grendel Tales", I guess as a generic autoraph card for conventions. Nothing too exciting here, it appears on eBay every now and then, usually for inflated prices. This thing was FREE, and people want five bucks for it.

A very small Hunter Rose as the Ace of Spades was distributed as a convention special by Dark Horse. It is approximately 1 1/2" x 2".

There's a bookmark that Dark Horse put out, that has the same image as the two sheet poster below. I think Dark Horse gave them away at cons, but not sure.

There's a door hanger promo that Dark Horse made way back in the early 90's too.

Prints & Posters

  1. Grendel Lithogram
    A really nice color piece by Matt done for War Child. It's signed and numbered in Pencil. I have one, and I framed and matted it along with the Grendel Tales Litho below. At some point I'll get a scan of both pieces on this site. It cost me $15.00 I think, mine is number 629 of 1000.
  2. Grendel Tales Lithogram
    A nice black and white piece by Teddy Kristiansen done in 1994 for the San Diego Comic Con. It cost me $5.00 I think, it was not signed or numbered, but Teddy sold it to me directly, and was nice enough to sign it in gold ink.
  3. Grendel Print
    Parchment print sold directly by Matt, and Graphitti Designs featuring the Alphabet from Grendel Cycle.
  4. Grendel Print
    NICE litho of the cover of Devil's Legacy #1. Graphitti Designs put this one out, and it's $35.00, but WELL worth it.
  5. Grendel Print
    Missed this one somehow, but then I didn't go to Wizard World East, since I live in La La Land West. Anywho, this is a really nice piece commemorating Red, White and Black. There were supposedly 100 pieces available, but some Artist Proofs are making it onto Ebay. One specimen sold for almost $100! I want one!!! Anyone who has one to spare, sell it to me!

  6. 25th Anniversary Print - A fundraiser for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, this piece was produced in two versions, 150 signed and numbered pieces ($25) and 26 Lettered A-Z ($100). Learn more here.


    1. A Promotional poster for War Child feature the cover of #1 exists.
    2. A Promotional poster for Batman/Grendel was distributed by DC. It came folded, but is really BIG.
    3. A Promotional poster for the Devil By the Deed reprint by Dark Horse was printed, it's small and came flat.
    4. Black, White & Red Two-Sheet PosterThis was available via mail order from Dark Horse. It was originally $25.00, and later sold for $15.00.

    Grendel 2001 Calendar - OVERSIZED calendar that features the covers of Grendel Devil's Legacy #1-12. $12.95.

    Pins and Buttons

    Grendel Pins
    A cheap button feauring Grendel Eyes was issued by Comico sometime before 1990.

    A Cloisonné pin of Hunter's mask was produced for the 1992 Comic Book Expo in San Diego, and only given to retailers. It's still available on eBay every now and then, but it's kind of expensive at about $7 to $10.

    A nice Cloisonné pin of Christine Spar was issued by Graphitti but I have no idea when, Matt gave it to me at the SD Comic Con one year, because I was asking him the right questions. I've got one, but I don't have a scan yet.

    There's also a cloisine pin of the Grendel Logo, that I believe was made by Comico. Not sure though. I don't have this one, but it does appear on EBay even now and again.

    The Grendel Cycle Pin was designed by Randy Bowen and sold via Mail Order only (though I know a few comic book stores got them) It was $19.95 (+$5.00 shipping), was made of pewter, and measures 3" square. Comes in a really nice box, definitely worth it. These can still be found on Ebay and some comic stores actually still have them, but I'm told Bowen Designs doesn't anymore.

    There's a Randy Bowen pin in the Grendel Kit.

    Miscelleanous Merchandise

    Dark Horse opened the flood gates for merchandise based on the four issue Black, White and Red series. Also available was a Black Porcelain Shot Glass (see pic below $6.95), a White Porcelain shotglass (see pic below), a Clear Glass Shot Glass (also $6.95), a real Zippo Lighter (very nice, see pic below) for $29.95, and a Magnet Set (4 pieces, Hunter, HunterGrendel, Stacy and Argent) it was $6.95. Most of these items are still available from Graphitti, or Dark Horse.

    The Grendel Kit
    This is the Granddaddy of all hard to find merchandise. It was limited to 425 kits, and is basically a plastic bag containing the Randy Bowen sculpted pin (which had a huge problem with the mechanism falling off), and a copy of The History of Grendel: The Devil in Reflection by Steve Seagle. This booklet is the same as the one published by Advance Comics, with a different cover and slightly heavier paper. REALLY F--king hard to find, it cost me $25.00 and that was four years ago. I have seen some on eBay lately, and they're running from a reasonable $20 to an outrageous $150.

    A second WAVE of merchandise came out during the run of Red, White and Black. This time we got a Lunch Box, A PVC Figure Kit, and four stickers. Here they are:

    Grendel Lunch Box
    Oh this is pretty. Another in the line of Dark Horse lunch boxes, I'm not sure, but I don't think it has a thermos. It's $19.99 and still available through Dark Horse and Things From Another World, as well as your local comic book store.

    Grendel Stickers
    I'm not sure why, but DH has given us Stickers to stick on stuff. They're $1.99 each, and available through Dark Horse or Things From Another World.

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