Team Omega Headquarters
We destroy more shit by 9AM than most third world countries do all day.

And who, you may ask, is Team Omega? You may wish you hadn't asked...
Team Omega is a group of malconte... ah, I mean friends who create their own live-action RPG adventures using the Palladium books systems. While we mostly use the Heroes book and its supplements, occasionally we will run a Rifts campaign. In-game, we're a last-stand group, standing between earth and the rest of the universe, not to mention the planet's own loveable yet smelly indiginous bad guys...

Active Duty Roster
All present and accounted for currently.
Mike Wolfetrap
Leigh Thunderbird
Dawn Hikyuu

Inactive Duty Roster
For whatever reason, these people are unable to
participate currently in Team Omega's activities.
Adam Edge

>We now have an amber alert ticker *see top of page* keep an eye on it, guys. No telling what's gonna be up there.
>The Team Omega HQ website has an official messageboard. No, it's nothing so fancy as an ikonboard setup or anything so special. It's as simple as I've made a livejournal community for that very purpose. There's a catch, though, guys... well, not quite. In order to post to the LJ you have to have an account, but you don't in order to leave comments on posts already there. Now, Mike and Dawn have I just need the rest of you to jump in. Please? Pretty Please? I'll make you brownies...

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