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Welcome to My Space!

Go on, grab life and live it on your own terms!!!

You may find this a strange name for a site but around our house, I'm usually found lounging in boxers in the house and in the yard. I find them the best and most comfortable clothing I own. [better even than jeans!]

I like to meet life on my own terms. And one of my terms is not following the trends of others but being my own person and living a casual, comfortable lifestyle.

This site contains some of our travel pics. We usually just do a bit of traveling in Manitoba and Ontario. Mainly because that way we are able to visit relatives  while we're at it. Here you'll find some pics from our travels to Sprucewoods Provincial Park in Manitoba. Also from Kakabeka Falls and Burnt River in Ontario. 

Sprucewoods  Provincial Park is one of my favorite places for hiking and camping. It's the only place in Canada where you can be in a desert-like environment and quickly move through prairie grass, woodland and fantastic valleys. The rolling sand dune is a wonder to behold. 

Kakabeka Falls is for the shear joy of nature's beauty. I hope to take the opportunity to camp and hike there, soon.

Burnt River is a great place for boating. I just love to 'float on down the river' and fish. The scenery in that area is so lush and beautiful. 

I've also created an area for my family. I'll show you how my daughter's iguana, Lizzy (short for Elizabeth) is growing. She's has quickly become one of the family.  I haven't finished these pages yet, but I will soon.

We are also amateur pond enthusiasts. We love to watch our Koi, they provide  a very peaceful atmosphere in which to relax. 

With all the e-mail I receive from friends and family, I decided to add a Goodies from the Mail page. Mostly just stories that I've enjoyed.

Another is an Interesting Links page. Has some links to sites about aliens, WCB, travel sites and more. 

Of course if you are from Canada and don't mind a chuckle or two at our own expense, try the Canadian, eh page.

Could you use a PRIMARY or SECONDARY Web site with your own unique URL ~ FREE? Coole Biz!  I've just found something of real value on the Internet and I'm truly excited about it. No, I'm not recruiting you into anything, you don't have to spend a dime or do any work.

Check out our summer at Cameron Lake, Ontario.

What I've come across is a company called Cool eBiz, that offers free Web sites.  They call their site "The cool place to do e-business." And guess what - they're right! Their breakthrough technology finally makes it a snap to build a Web site - and what's more, they don't load you down with banners and pop-up windows and the like, the way other free providers do.  What have you got to lose?

Just added, a Thoughts & Inspiration page. Articles change on a weekly basis, so please return to read the latest updated columns! 

This site also now contains a search engine. Search the web with Skiddily.co.

I am so excited! My photo ' River Foliage' is was selected as a semi-finalist in the Picture.com photo contest. It will be published in a upcoming photograph anthology 'Pathway to the Future'. 

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~Click the link below to find out~

How to Have Fun With Telemarketers

Echo of Life

Enjoy your visit and please check back for updates.

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