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  see new Look Ups, Thank You Paula for donating your time
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Inside the entrance page there will be links to town's of the county, then the link to each towns history story and if available the index of the families' bios within them. This link will take you off site, please book mark it's new location
            Woodbury County City Halls
   Alot of old land records, cemetery records or general information maybe found at this resource
         Libraries throughout the County
    Many of the resources in books are available within the town or county libraries
Woodbury County Courthouses
enter census data link page here
Family History Center Library
  Each townhip willl be shown seperately, as well as, the City of Sioux City. .
                             120 W. Clifton St.
                                   Sioux City, IA.
In the church across from Briar Cliff College
hours: Tues  -  Thurs 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
             Wens & Fri       9 am - 2:30 pm
             Saturdays         9 am - 12pm
    Cost to order in fiche or  microfilm , not allready available at this library, is $ 3.50 each , price subject to change without notice.
  Locations, Directions and if or when available burial / tombstone transcriptions
or Lookup volunteers are within  these pages. 
Woodbury Co. Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 624
Sioux City, IA.  51102
Woodbury County Map
showing Townships
Vitals of Woodbury Co., online
1880 - 2000 Newspaper Abstracts
Look Ups provided by volunteers
Family histories, online Trees and Websites
that have a Woodbury County connection
General genealogy and history links
If you have a Sioux City Resource you won't mine sharing or helping in e-mail me. Due to the general and historical size of this city...all help is great appreciated.
Pictures from around "Siouxland"
These are contributed to this site by volunteers and vistors.
Most are taken by them and they hold all right to the photos.
Any use of them with out their permission is prohibited.
these three photos where taken and submitted by Dana Longley of Sioux City
Helping one another for the family researcher
who's roots where grown or transplanted in Woodbury Co.
boardering counties
Plymouth ( north ),  Cherokee ( northeast ), Ida ( east ),Monona ( south ),  Dakota in Neb. ( west )
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