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   USA League Regulations 2002:
USTA INFO & RULES For FALL LEAGUE beginning 9/21/02. Revised 6/17/04

Official Name: Wall Bangers Fall League, USA Team Tennis
This site is located at:
Wood Park
Branch Pike
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077


This has been assigned a Site ID number 8782002280.

1.  Four teams
2.  There will be no limit to the roster.
3.  Three matches: 2 Doubles, 1 Singles
4.  2 sets no-ad, 9 point tie-breaker at 6-all, Third set will be played, if needed. Third set=1 Super Tie-break game (Play to 10, win by 2, 1st server start serving 1 pt. then each server serves 2 pts., thereafter, switch sides on every 6 points and at the conclusion of the match.The player, or pair in the case of doubles, whose turn it was to serve first in the tie-break game shall receive service in the first game of the following set.) 
5.  Matches to be held at Wood Park
6. Two start times: 1PM (Say, for teams A vs. B) and 2:30PM (for teams B vs.C).
       o Only three courts will be used at once
7. Round Robin – each team will play each other once
8. Winner-Most matches won at the end of 3 weeks (match=2 sets/Super-Tiebreaker)
9. Losers supplies balls. Opposing parties bring balls. There will be 2 unopened cans. 1 can will be opened - winner takes unopened can.   10. No Charge  
11. Rain Make-ups: Maple Dawson Courts  
      o Tueday 6 PM for Sat. 1PM match.  
      o Thursday 6PM for Sat. 2:30 PM match.
12. PENALTY FOR LATENESS: 15 minutes is a default.
13. Players from other team's rosters can be used interchangeably.  In a match between the Jammers vs. the Chefs, Player A from the Jammers can be used by the Iron Chefs with permission of the Captain of the Jammers. No permission is required if Player A is from a team other than the Jammers. This is so that members of our league get maximum opportunity to play
13.a. All players must be Wall Bangers.

A team can, during court court changeovers, INCLUDING THE SUPERTIE-BREAK GAME, substitute a player  into a set for any reason. Once a player is replaced, he can return to that set and players can play in both matches. If a substitution occurs in doubles, the remaining player cannot change the side on which he receives or the service order. The Supertiebreaker should be treated as a new set, and all substitutions are allowed.

15. Opposing captains must exchange Game Day Rosters before the start of the match.  A verbal exchange is okay.
16. Only the players named on the game day roster can be used for substitutions.
17. If teams have five players from their permanent roster, then all five players must play. Substitutes from another  team's permanent roster is not allowed. Essentially, Game Day Rosters cannot exceed 5 players unless they are all on your team.
18. A minimum of 3 players must be from the teams' permanent roster. If not, play can resume, however, All Courts are forfeited to the opponent.
19. Captain's must play players from their permanent rosters first and they must play for the full match. They cannot be substituted with players from another team's permanent roster.
20. Franchise players from another team cannot be used as substitutes or be on the game day roster of another team.
21. Substitute players must go into a match already warmed up. There will be no additional warm-ups (esp. for substitutes) once the match has started.
22. In summary, you can substitute players in and out of the SAME set or match as many times as you want as long as this is done only on court changeovers. The general idea is to test how substitution works with as little rules as possible - KISS.
23. The standings will depend on total "courts" won for the round not for the day. Each court played is important.

Example:  1st doubles is 1 "court", 2nd doubles is another "court", singles is a third "court". Against your first scheduled opponent, if you won 1st and 2nd doubles, and lost the singles, you have won two courts and lost one. Your record will be 2 wins and 1 loss, not 1 win and zero losses.

24. The Overall champion will be determined by play-offs.  The season play will determine seedings in the play-offs. #1 will play #4 & #2 will play #3.
25. Each team must use permanent rosters only.
26. Rain:  If it is raining 2 hours before the match, match will be postponed. If there is forecast for rain, captains/co-captains to decide at least 2 hours before the match whether to postpone the match or not.
27. Co-captains will be named.
28. Winning teams will report scores.
29. To insure worthwhile matches on Sunday effective 7/25/03:
a. Captains will verbally exchange Rosters and Line-ups by Weds. 9PM. Exchanges will be made in Good Faith
b. Captains will agree on Featured Matches to promote matches.
30. To encourage Team Captain recruiting:
Captains agree to allow new players on the recruiting captain's team. New players must wait one week before playing. Approval of their team assignment will be at the Weds. meetings.

On No-Ad Scoring
"Any non-roster player who will be used as a substitute should be identified to the opposing team's captain prior to the start of the day's matches.
15.If a player wins his first point, the score is called 15 for that player; on winning his second point, the score is called 30 for that player; on winning his third point, the score is called 40 for that player, and the fourth point won by a player is scored game for that player except as below:
If both players have won three points, the score is called deuce; one deciding point shall then be played. The receiver shall choose whether he wishes to receive the service from the right-half of the court or the left-half of the court. The player who wins the deciding point is scored the game.

In doubles a similar procedure to that for singles shall apply. At deuce the Receiving Team shall choose whether it wishes to receive the Service from the right-half of the court or the left-half of the court. The team who wins the deciding point is scored the game.

Mixed Doubles (For Information Only: Not applicable to the Wall Bangers League since we are non-genderized)
In mixed doubles, a slightly different procedure will apply as follows: At deuce, with the male player serving, he shall serve to the male player of the opposing team irrespective of which half of the court he is standing, and when the female player is serving, she shall serve to the female player of the opposing team.

USTA Comment:
In a non-officiated match the Server should announce, in a voice audible to the Receiver and spectators, the set score at the beginning of each game, and point scores as the game goes on. Misunderstandings will be avoided if this practice is followed."

Nine-Point Tiebreaker:
If a set reaches 6-6, a nine-point tiebreaker is played to decide the winner of the set. Service is as follows:  The first, second and third servers serve twice.  If the score is tied at four all, the last server serves three times.  The receiver has a choice of where he/she wishes to receive.  (This is different from the 12 point where the first server serves once and then the subsequent servers twice each.)   A tiebreaker is won by the first team to reach five points. Players change sides after four points. The tiebreaker counts as one game and decides the outcome of the set.

Super Tie-Break
"USTA Regulation I.V.4. authorizes the use of the Set Tie-Break or the Super Tie-Break in lieu of the third or final set in selected tournaments.
The following system shall be used in a tie-break game.


"A player who first wins seven points shall win the game and the set provided he leads by a margin of two points. If the score reaches six points all the game shall be extended until this margin has been achieved. Numerical scoring shall be used throughout the tie-break game.
The player whose turn it is to serve shall be the Server for the first point. His opponent shall be the Server for the second and third points and thereafter each player shall serve alternately for two consecutive points until the winner of the game and set has been decided.
From the first point, each service shall be delivered alternately from the right and left Courts, beginning from the right Court. If service from a wrong half of the Court occurs and is undetected, all play resulting from such wrong service or services shall stand, but the inaccuracy of station shall be corrected immediately it is discovered.

Players shall change ends after every six points and at the conclusion of the tie-break game.

The tie-break game shall count as one game for the ball change, except that, if the balls are due to be changed at the beginning of the tie-break, the change shall be delayed until the second game of the following set.

In doubles the procedure for singles shall apply. The player whose turn it is to serve shall be the Server for the first point. Thereafter each player shall serve in rotation for two points, in the same order previously in that set, until the winners of the game and set have been decided.

Rotation of Service
The player (or pair in the case of doubles) whose turn it was to serve first in the tie-break game shall receive service in the first game of the following set.


(From Top to Bottom)
1. Mission
2. Current Items

3. Team Rosters with Phone Numbers & E-mails
4.  Leagues Rules
We seek players
who possess the following characteristics:

Players who:
· Play at least three times a week exclusive of the scheduled play, and if they are not at the Men's 4.0 Level, have practice a large part of their tennis experience.
· Seek to improve his or her own game through post game discussion, reading and practice.
· Consider consistency of premium importance in doubles play.
· Consider conventional doubles strategy of net control, a model strategy to execute.
· Consider the following quote an inspiration:

"People think we're here to pittle-pattle the ball back and forth. But sports are about exploiting weaknesses, so if I know that my opponent's shoulder muscles are gone, I hit lobs and a lot of high balls." Steve Everett, Wheel Chair Tennis Player, Tennis Magazine, September 2002.

All Wall Bangers should have read:

1. Rules of Tennis (See USTA Website.)
2. The Code (See USTA Website.)
3. The Wall Bangers Rules (Below.)

By doing so, conflicts should be minimized.
2002 Wall Bangers Summer League Champion
IRON CHEFS: Al Damiani  - Captain

2002 Wall Bangers Fall League Champions
Regular Season Champions: COSSACKS
Captain: Mike Bauscher, Co-Captain: Ihor Shopowalenko

Play-off Champions:
Captain: Stan Szumski, Co-Captain: James Phay

     Revised 8/4/2004 15:24 
  Name Phone e-mail Address
1 N Bauscher Mike   642-5251   c-609-932-7160  glezman2@comcast.net 210 Moore St., Moorestown, NJ   08057
2  Bennett, Michael 309 - 5023 w-(609) 267 - 9660 x 5012 hmikebennett@hotmail.com,mbennett@www.bcls.lib.nj.us 3 Festival Dr Voorhees, NJ 08043-4325
3  Collins Mel 234-8164 w-866-8880 /c-912-4677 xmeco1@aol.com 412 Park Blvd., Moorestown, NJ 08057
4 N Dickerson Steve 810-0908 ssd30@aol.com 57 Lexinton Circle, Marlton, NJ   08053
5 N Finley Tom                                273-1032     Thomas_Finley@excite.com Moorestown, NJ
6 N Hartman Gary, Co-Captain 665-1020  w-488-8816  gary_hartman@mindspring.com 4 Lenape Rd., Cherry Hill, NJ  08002
7  Leodore Joe  856-310-0377 Joel12@prodigy.net 925 Clement Bridge Rd. Barrinton, NJ.  08007
8  Raniowski Gregg 786-0453 
9 N Sagirs Rob   856-346-0386  cardamol@uphs.upenn.edu 121 E. Atlantic Ave., Clementon, NJ  08021
10  Shapowalenko Ihor, Captain 829-1378 also FAX w-215-427-2686 Bus.FAX215-427-1907   ishap@comcast.net 2805 Salem Rd. Cinnaminson, NJ  08077
11  Sipp George                                 234-6224    Sipp@erols.com, angelasipp@comcast.net 216 Hedgerman Rd., Moorestown, NJ   08057
12  Sonoga Anne                          609-560-0264   anne2sonoga@yahoo.com 17 Christopher Mills Dr. Mt. Laurel, NJ   08054
13  Welch John                                    235-8588 w-609-639-3114 jwelch143@comcast.net 411 Azalea Ln., Mt. Laurel, NJ  08054
1  Annussek Rich                       665-5359    sea6@prodigy.net 8357 Orchard Ave. Pennsauken, NJ   08109
2  Burns Sandy 609-714-0689 
3  Deleon, Dennis (856)787-1161 ext 7524 hotsigifru@yahoo.com /o Crosslands/Unit 113, 2868 Rt. 73 North, Maple Shade, NJ  08052
4  Hume, Mike  
5  Johns, Linda 296-3314(c) and 856-786-7488(h) 
6  Ku Robert 609-747-9696 w-609 324-6803 c-609 865-0600  robku20@aol.com  94 Jennifer Lane Burlington, NJ 08016
7  Martin Bruce 609-386-7482  
8  Methani Sandeep 401-1598 smehtani@snip.net 207 Forrest Dr.,Turnersville, NJ 08012
9  Miller Barry 262-0147 c-906-0441 bmill@comcast.net
10 N Mutanani Tony 234-6224    TM77@bellsouth.net 216 Hedgerman Rd., Moorestown, NJ   08057
11  Ngyuen Su 856-275-3561 
12 N Phay James, Co-Captain 520-4900    jphay@gcemarket.com 4 Woodstone Dr., Cinnaminson, NJ   08077
13 N Rivera, Lawrence  lawluvs@yahoo.com
14  Rosewitski Walt H-856-427-7927, C-609-636-2768 WRosewitski@aol.com 1244 Heartood Drive Cherry Hill NJ   08003
15  Slavin Gerry                              482-5359   w-215-952-1999 not available 1301 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19147
16  Strong Linda  
17  Szumski Stan, Captain 222-1098 sszumski@hotmail.com  535 Bowling Green, Moorestown, NJ   08057
18  Walsh Tom Contact Thru Mike Hume. 
1  Balcerkiewicz Clem             609-268-2961   c-609-792-0728   3 Woodside Dr., Tabernacle, NJ   08088
2  Cosky Frank Co-captain 829-0531 w-234-5440/FAX234-5442 b-738-2744 c-220-5604 frank58618@AOL.com 309 W. Henry ST. Palmyra, NJ   08065
3  Drew, Richard h-856-424-0356,c-856 287-2321 rdrew1@comcast.net
4  Gwinn  Steve  (609)267-3166 gwinns717@earthlink.net 9 Caraway Ct. Lumberton, NJ   08048
5  Hansen Link 983-6802 c-609-953-5440 c-609-828-7709 yamahaha@comcast.net or lincolnh@earthlink.net 5 Brookwood Dr., Medford, NJ   08055
6  Harris Anastacia 609-265-3988 amgharris@aol.com 2 forestview drive Westampton,nj. 08060
7 N Johnson, William (Bill) H. (alias "Shoes") 609-747-1709  w-609-771-2882 FX-609-637-5129 wjohnson@TCNJ.EDU or shoes@tcnj.edu 14 Longwood Drive, Burlington, NJ  08016
8 N Lu Quang                                     910-9217   c-952-2421 quang_lu@yahoo.com 4630 Harding Rd., Pennsauken, NJ   08109
9  Maddow Jerald 854-5209 c-465-5130 w-614-3211 judge168@yahoo.com 217 Lakeview Dr., Collingswood, NJ   08108
10  Maxwell Anne 854 5209 c-609-841-8095,,215-574-6495(bank voice), 267-408-0992 (bank cell),215-574-4146 (fax) maxwellusta@yahoo.com,Anne.L.Maxwell@phil.frb.org 217 Lakeview Dr., Collingswood, NJ   08108
11 N Short Matt, Captain   829-4735 c-265-1782  short_matt@hotmail.com 307 Jane Rd., Cinnaminson, NJ   08007
1 N Brown Todd  609-620-0978  w-908-423-5781 (no web)  c-732-470-3248  browntod@comcast.net 31 Coral Tree Ct. Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
2  Cardamone Linda  435-9129 cardamol@uphs.upenn.edu 74 Sturbridge Drive Erial  NJ  08081
3 N Cardamone Paul  435-9129 cardamol@uphs.upenn.edu 74 Sturbridge Drive Erial  NJ  08081
4  Damiani Al, Captain  424-1221 w-663-2444   adamiani1@comcast.net 925 Society Hill Blvd., Cherry Hill, NJ   08003
5  Dugan Joe    482-0512 w-215-988-1981  duganj@dbr.com 26 Anna Ave., Maple Shade, NJ   08052
6  Elvert Joann 303-1960 jelvert@comcast.net 3 Emerson Dr, Riverton, NJ 08077
7  Gottfried Lenny 273-1165 gottfried21@comcast.net 164 Forest Rd, Moorestown, NJ 08057
8 N Hada Stuart  Co-captain     235-9466    stuhada@hotmail.com Stoney Run 50C, Maple Shade, NJ   08052
9  McGovern Daniel J. 461-2496 w-215-580-3835 fx-215-580-3982 c-278-4139 danmc14@comcast.net 203 Fullwood Rd, Riverside, NJ 08075
10 N Ngyuen Sang                                 235-6618 
11  Palestini Anthony (215) 266-1857 anthonypal2@comcast.net 2319 S 12th Street, Phila  Pa  19148
12  "Young Sheryl
" 751-9480 c-609-413-2700 ymarc@comcast.net 35 Bunning Drive,Voorhess  NJ  08043
13 N Zanon Walter 609-324-2684 w-908-874-1583    609 871 9352  h-nonaz86@yahoo.com w-wzanon@cpcus.jnj.com  26 Walton Rd., Chesterfield, NJ   08620
  N=Non-recruitable player. Players who could have significant impact on the team, and therefore, cannot be used by other teams as substitutes.
Ihor Shapowalenko-Captain
Wall Bangers Bulletin.
September 3, 2004.

On May 4, 1493 Pope Alexander VI drew a Line of Demarcation that divided the uncolonized world between Portugal and Spain. Almost as arbitrary, and almost as important, a coin-flip would determine the Wall Banger League Season Champion.

Iron Chefs captain, Al Damiani shouted, "Heads", as papal-like arbiter Matt Short flipped the Susan B.  Cossack Chief Ihor Shapowalenko looked on helplessly hoping to keep his own head intact. He knew his mutinous marauders would be seeking it once they found out their season-long efforts had been lost on a coin toss.

He dreaded hearing his team's continual complaints. Like the voice in his own bedroom, he could hear his teammates harangue, "Ihor, why do you always fall short?" And short of the mark, Ihor's team turned up.

"Heads", Matt Short shouted. With that shout, Ihor felt the Chef's rapier piercing through his heart. 

But before Ihor succumbed, he realized his own ignorance. The Season's Championship was but a false god.  The one true god lay in, "The Wall Banger's Play-offs 2004". And this event had yet to be held.

With hopes high, he hoped all would be witness to:

Ihor's Resurrection
aka "The Wall Banger's Play-offs 2004"

All Teams will report to Moorestown High School Courts at 10:30AM.

Play to begin at 11 AM on September 12, 2004.

Iron Chefs vs. Heart Breakers
Cossacks vs. Jammers

The winners would play at 1PM at Wood Park.

A celebration will be held after the match at Ihor's.
Bring your own food; bring your own libation.

Witnesses only.

Details of our season play are shown below.

Overall Standings  Wins Losses Unplayed & Unreported
Cossacks 13 4 1
Iron Chefs 13 4 1
Jammers 3 10 5
Heartbreakers 2 13 3
End of Second Round    
Wall Bangers All Stars versus Mill Creek Cool Cats (aka River Rats)    
09/12/04 Sunday Playoffs  
11 AM, Moorestown High School. Championship Match 1PM, Wood Park.    
9/18/2004  Saturday  Wood Park AB Tournament  
Excerpts from Rules   
23. The standings will depend on total "courts" won for the round not for the day. Each court played is important.   
Example:  1st doubles is 1 "court", 2nd doubles is another "court", singles is a third "court". Against your first scheduled opponent, if you won 1st and 2nd doubles, and lost the singles, you have won two courts and lost one. Your record will be 2 wins and 1 loss, not 1 win and zero losses.   
24. The Overall champion will be determined by play-offs.  The season play will determine seedings in the play-offs. #1 will play #4 & #2 will play #3.   
25. Each team must use permanent rosters only.   

2004 WALL BANGERS LEAGUE SCHEDULE (Revised 7/26/04)   
Summer League    
07/11/04 Sunday  
1PM Iron Chefs  2 Cossacks 1 
Sang defeated Bauscher, 6-4 and 6-4   
Hada/Brown defeated Sonoga/Leodore 6-4, 6-4   
Dugan/Damiani  lost to Ihor/Collins defeated 6-3, 6-3    
2:30PM Heartbreakers 0 Jammers 3  
Phay/Szumski defeated Maxwell/Cosky 6-3, 6-0    
Rosewitski/Johns defeated Baran/Damiani 6-3, 6-3    
Deleon/Annussek defeated Maddow/Drew 6-4 and 6-2    
07/18/04 Sunday   
1PM Iron Chefs 2 Jammers 0  
2:30PM Cossacks 2 Heartbreakers 1  
07/25/04 Sunday   
1PM Iron Chefs 3 Heartbreakers 0  
Zanon/Hada defeated Ihor/Maddow 2-6, 6-4, 10-4    
McGovern/Brown defeated Maxwell/Cosky 6-1, 3-6, retired.    
Ngyuen defeated Lu 6-0,6-1.    
2:30PM Cossacks 3 Jammers 0  
Finley/Zipp defeated Phay/Deleone 7-6,3-6,7-5.    
Cosky/Dickerson defeated Rosewitski/Annucek 6-2,6-3    
Ihor/Damiani defeated Strong/Baran 6-1,6-3.    
First Round Standings  Wins Losses Unplayed
Iron Chefs 7 1 1
Cossacks 6 3 
Jammers 3 5 1
Heartbreakers 1 8 
End of First Round    
Wood Park Tournament   
08/15/04 Sunday  
1PM Jammers Heartbreakers 
Not Reported.   
2:30PM Cossacks 2 Iron Chefs 1 
BAUSCHER DEFEATED SANG 3-6, 7-5 & 10-3,    
08/22/04 Sunday  
1PM Heartbreakers 0 Cossacks 3 
2:30PM Jammers 0 Iron Chefs 3 
08/29/04 Sunday   
1PM Jammers 0 Cossacks 2  
2:30PM Heartbreakers 1 Iron Chefs 2  
Second Round Standings  Wins Losses Unplayed & Unreported
Cossacks 7 1 1
Iron Chefs 6 3 
Jammers 0 5 4
Heartbreakers 1 5 3