Worker's Socialist Party - Australia


The resources to produce what we need are owned by the richist 5 percent while the remaining 95 percent of us do all the work. Also producing all the wealth enjoyed by the richist 5 percent.

These two groups , or classes, are always going to be at loggerheads because of this.

This dispute will only be settled when the 95 percent organise ttogether and abolish class ownership and run a democratic system of communal ownership.

Once we have done this we will all be free.

We must do it ourselves, without any form of leadership. Else the leaders will be the new richist 5 percent.

Since we can't succesfully fight Government. We must organise and take over these powers by peaceful political means and abolish them along with class ownership.

We must oppose any political party that wants to preserve and thus reform the present system, however well their intentions are.

The Worker's Socialist Party calls upon all workers to organise to accomplish this, in the interest of the entire human race.

Socialism is within our grasp. Reach out and together we can grab it and have a world that works in favour of all. A real world for the workers. WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE FOR SOCIALIST REVOLUTION.

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