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Name: Edwina Karly Chan
Nick names: Eddie/Edd
D.O.B: 20/02/91
Age: Work it out for yourself
Food: Pizza, pasta, popcorn
Drink: Ice Tea Lemon Flavour, Cherry coke
Song: Aerosmith - Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You (Friends theme tune)
Band: Maroon 5
Solo artist: Daniel Bedingfield
Cartoon: Spongebob SqaurePants and Fairly Odd Parents
Movie: American Pie 1, 2, 3, Er....Matrix????  POTC ( code talk for Pirates of the Caribbean lol), Bruce Almighty, Return of the King, Armageddon,  Finding Nemo
Sport: , Football, rounders, badminton
Cartoon: Powerpuff Girls (lol), Simpsons
TV show: Friends, Will and Grace, Scrubs
Actors: Eric Bana, Johnny Depp, Matthew Perry, Hugh Jackman
Day of the week: Friday
Season: Summer
Subject at school: English, IT, Technology
Deodrant: Sure 'Cool Pink'
Bodyspray: Impulse 'Siren'

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