The Marilyn Pye Story




Marilyn Pye









Marilyn Pye between 1983 and 1985 was leading a hard-line


team of researchers and writers who supported evidence in


Australia of Middle East mining expeditions, South American


entradas and unknownhistories all taking place before colonial


settlement.†† Her name could be found in news papers and radio


interviews, TV Talk Shows and Lectures in Australia and




What ever happened to this woman with a mission?


Nicknamed The Pyramid Lady, Marilyn is now releasing


confidential information on her research and discoveryof the


Golden Pyramid in†† Far NorthQueensland.In her possession


are the artifacts which explain the story.









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Marilyn Pye




Re:†† PART IofThe Interview with Marilyn Pye, Australia's Pyramid Lady

This interview conducted on August11 1999

between researcher/writer Bruce Raphael and

Marilyn Pye, Australia's Pyramid Lady


BR: Marilyn we heard a lot about you in the early 80's regarding the search for a golden pyramid in Australia. And there has been a silence for many years. Can you tell us what you have been doing since the mid 80's?


MP:Digging. But I mean that in every sense of the word. I've been digging deep into ancient history and the Bible. And I have had at least 15 trips to the site of the Golden Pyramid near Cooktown. I have used earth moving equipment and dug my hand.The last trip was about a year ago. But I did nothing because I found out that the land had changed hands.And the new owner is uneasy of my activities; he doesnítwant me anywhere near the place.


BR: Is the new owner aware of your work and what was on the



MP: Yes and locals told him actually before the land that a strange woman keeps coming back looking for an ancient Egyptian tomb.


BR: And have you found anything at the site that you are prepared to share with the readers?


MP: Yes, but I'd rather not go into that at this point. What I would like is to describe a pre-colonial scenario of Australia.

BR: You have made some quite extraordinary claims about Moses being in Australia and about Gympie.Can you tell us more about Gympie ?


MP: Two groups seemed to have been in Australia. One group who the Aboriginals call the Bianne arrived in Northern Australia in sailing ships.The Bianne are identified by the artifacts they left behind, prove that they were Egyptian Semitic people.The Bianne came to Australia well aware of the conditions in Australia and were well prepared to stay for a considerable time.In the Aboriginal legends of the Bianne they tell us that they planted food and cotton crops.They bought large pots to dye their fabrics and looms on which they wove their fabrics. The Bianne traveled to many parts of Australia. They were light-skinned people and the women according to the Aboriginals were very beautiful.


MP: Two Egyptian scarab beetles found in Australia can give us a date when the Baaine were in Australia.Those scarab beetles have the names of unknown Egyptian Pharoahs, dating to the time of Seti I and Ramses II.So we can place the Bianne in Australia around 1280 BCE.


BR: Did these Biannipeople build a pyramid site at Gympie?


MP: No they would have no reason to build a pyramid.The Bianne seemed to be mining in Australia.There is evidence of ancient mines in the Kimberlies, dubbed Phoenician by the local people.These mines pre-date white settlement.Everything at Gympie I believe is of a South American origin.The stone work of the walls at the Gympie site that was removed from the Gympie Site in the 1930's was numbered and reerected around the Uniting Church in Gympie on Mary Street and in other places in the town.The style is unlike Anglo-Saxon masonry and appears aspre-Incan 13 angle design.


Irelate this mystery colony at Gympie to the La Tolita people of southern Ecuador and northern Peru.They were pre-Incan people , the forerunners , and ancient ancestors of the Incan Dynasty.†† The Ape Statue that was found on the Berry farm opposite the tola or mound on Tin Can Bay Road in about the 1960's is identical to the work of the La Tolita.All South American cultures when theycarve their figures in the round would round them off at the back.It was the La Tolita that didn't round off their statues and defined their style by pointing them at the back as was done on the Ape Statue.


BR:So when were the people at Gympie?


MP: The people at Gympie I believe were the victims of a ship

wreck. I don't think they wanted to be there ; they didn't particularly associate with the Aborigines according to local Aboriginal legends of these people.And I think if they came from South America, we know that cultures around the 1st millenium BC were maritime peoples who used balsa wood

vessels or rafts.Now if for some reason a group of people were caught in the Humboldt current when they were on a raft voyage, this could explain their appearance in Australia.

The Humboldt current , being a conveyor belt that sweeps Along the coast ofEcuador to the coast of Queensland and back again, could assist a vessel without sail through the southern Pacific and land somewhere on the coast of Queensland .The Las Balsas Expedition from Ecuador in 1974 proved that such voyages could have taken place.It took the Las Balsas expedition nearly 6 months to transit

the Humboldt current to Balina, Queensland.†††


BR: Were these people here at the same time as the semitic people you describe?


MP: I think they may have been here for a generation, for quite some time.But if we look at some Native American legends , I believe these two groups had met in Australia. Now the Hopi of Arizona, were once Mayan. And Native Americans claim they came from South America to North America.The Hopi have a legend of surviving some kind of water catastrophe and they bobbed around the ocean like corks for considerable time until they came to a land that wasn't the Americas.And they lived on that land until

they met up with the True WhiteBrother,Bahane.And the True White Brother sailed them back to the Americas, virtually island hopping.The True White Brother was also called Masauwu , a name reminiscent of Moses .


BR: You believe that Moses was in Australia.


MP: Moses was raised as a prince in the Egyptian court and the Israelites who were a mixed multitude spent 40 years in the wilderness. And no one knows where this Wilderness was.I believe the wilderness was Australia. The scarab beetles have the name of an unknown Egyptian Pharoah.The scarab beetle found in Arnhem Land's Daly River in the 1960's has the name of Ramses, Imenhotep-Ptah.

The other name in this Royal Cartouche is Use-Ma Re Sept-em Re.†† The other scarab beetle found in 6 feet of undisturbed soil in 1911 has the name Use-Men-Ma Re. These names fit between Seti I and his son Ramses II. And between Seti Iand Ramses the II , there was an older son.This elder son was designated the True Crown Prince and he shared a co-regency as a Pharoah during the reign of Seti.Now this Pharoah of Egypt, this missing Pharoah of Egypt was done away with in a palace coup.No one knows his name or his fate.


BR: Do you think he was Moses?


MP: If we take the name Ra off the name Ramses we have the name Moses.Moses means son oforborn of. When we return to the stories of the Hopi, which means Hopetu, which means peaceful people.A philological connection between the Australian Baaine and the Hopi Bahane is important here. The True White Brother gave the name of the peaceful people to the Hopi.In Egypt the word for peace was Hotepu or Hotepi.


BR: Does this somehow relate to other legends in the Americas of the bearded white gods who arrived from the Pacific?†† Virracocha to name one taught the people many laws and then left again in sailing ships , sailing off into the Pacific, in the direction of Australia.


MP: Well yes it does.Viracocha told the people that he was the son of the sun.And one of the titles of the pharoahs of Egypt was son of the son. And in fact Ramses, means son of

The sun or born of the sun.I think the legends of Viracocha also relate to an earlier legend, that also relates to the legends of the Hopi people.This of course then brings us to the story of the rock found in Toowoomba in 1974.This rock has the symbol of the sun and two serpents.The La Tolita used this

identical symbol.This symbol is really a primitive or early prototype ofthe sun symbol of Viracocha found on the Gateway of the Sun at Tiahuanco in Bolivia.The rendition OfViracocha on the Gatewayis far more stylized, but the eyes and the nose are there.


Now the ROC found in Toowoomba has 23 radiating wavey lines around the sun, the Face.The face of Viracocha on the Gateway as 23 doubleradiating lines.And there are two serpents beneath the sun symbol on the ROC found in Toowoomba ; but Viracochacarries two serpents in his hands.So the Toowoomba ROC isa primitive rendition of this.Additional iconography has been found at ChanChan, north Peru's ancient culture of 1100 BCE.


BR: What other evidence is there that these two groups, the Semitic-Egyptian met with pre-Incanpeople, the early Hopi at Gympie?


MP: Ethnographers note the common use of the boomerang,and throwing sticks by the Mesopotamians, the Caananites, Egyptians , Native American peoples and of course the Aborigine. There was no weaving in ancient America until about 1200 BC.We know the Olmec civilization began in Meso-America around 1240 BC. So we getting into about the same time frame, of Moses. , of the 40 years in the wilderness because Ramses II came to the thrown in about 1292 BC.


BR: Could you review the historic perspective of this missing

Prince in the time of Ramses II?


MP: I believe he did away with his rival ,his brother in an ambush at the battle of Kadesh.Ramses II claimed he was the Pharoah who was ambushed, and of course it was his great bravery that saved the day. This was I believe the ploy he used to get rid of his elder brother.


Now Moses fled the palace, fearing the Pharoah, his brother , wanted his life. He was in Midian and while recoveringat the well, he was rescued by two Midianite sisters. Mittani, was a kingdom quite near Kadesh In those days, though Mittani was swallowed up by the Hittites. But if Moses had survived the assassination attempt at the battle at Kadesh, crawling away during the heat of battle, he may have been injured and rescued. He may have suffered amnesia and suffered from an impediment from the injury.


It is said that he settled down and raised sheep before he actually returned to Egypt. I am suggesting that he returned to Egypt to try and get his thrown back from his younger brother


BR:It is interesting that around 1000 BC in Peru and southern Ecuadora culture of the Chauvin at Chan Chan had a very developed civilization featuring great stone architecture and a maritime fleet of balsa wood vessels.There is good evidence that the stone-wall and Ape Statue resemble the design of sculptures found by Paul Molino in the Snowies. The entire society has a strong resemblance to the Andean Culture at Marcahausi Peru, a pre-Ceramic epoch ofSouth

American early history.


MP:When I returned to the Gympie site, my investigation found a large 3 foot wide stone dish that sat at the summit area.It has been known that a stone dish could be used to look at the stars when water is used in it, or to smelt ores to retrieve gold and even platinum.In 1984 I even saw a sculpture of an eye , resembling a Mayan style glyph. Of course in respect we lefteverything alone. Foolishly, though, all these artifacts are now missing.


BR: A feasible cross-cultural examination for now, but let's return to the evidence of contact in Australia between the people at Gympie and the Semites, the Israelites.


MP: I was saying that weaving had been introduced into the Americas around 1200 BCE, because the Native American cotton is not suitable for weaving. Beautiful woven cotton fabrics that were discovered around this time in southwest America had undergone a genetic test to determine the strain.

It was found to be a hybrid mix of ancient Middle Eastern cotton and Native American cotton. And in the legends of the Bianne people, Aborigines do tell us that they planted crops and wove these fabrics on looms. It has also been determined that the looms used in the southwest America were similar to

the Egyptian loom.So it is often in the small details like this that we get details of cross-contact. People have been proposing this for many years. Von Daniken , the popular folk-archaeologist was one personwho pushed this theory forward of contact between ancient American and the Middle East.

But what has always been the barrier for this thesis is actually how they would get to the Americas.I am suggesting that Australia became one stopping-off point ; then such journeys would be possible.The people who came to Australia, the ones in Gympie, would have understood stellar navigation and would have been able to guide Middle Eastern sailors back to the Americas. (editor's note: See Science 10 July 1981, Volume 213/4504 "Tropical Archeoastronomy" by Aveni, a good treatise on maritime stellar astronomy).





These maritime journeys to the Americas could explain the arrival of the Viracochas who visited the Americas, taught many things and left in sailing vessels.Viracocha was the great law-giver of the Andes. He was the great peace maker, the True White Brother , the Hopi are said to wait for.


BR: I believe you took the ROC that was found in Toowoomba to the Hopi in 1983.Can you tell us a little of that journey?


MP:Yes I did.I was scheduled for a trip to the United States when I was contacted by Berndt Ullrich at the Darling Downs Institute who had the ROC.As he discussed this artifact he was examining, I asked if I could take the ROC on tour with me to America. At the time, I had placed a deposit on the land

at Gympie to stop it from being sub-divided, so we could have a proper archaeological dig there. I took the ROC to the US to offer some indication that Australia was visited by a pre-colonial people in the ancient past.On the way to America I wasgiven an introduction to the Kahuna priestess in Hawaii

and they insisted that I take the ROC to the Hopi, which I did. This was done in December 1983. I showed the ROC to an elder , Grandfather David Monyonga who was a very elderly statesman for the Hopi at that time.Nearly blind, he touched the ROC all over and stated: "This is what I have been waiting for.This must be publicized to show that Hopi Prophecy is coming true.


BR: Can you tell us a bit more on Hopi prophecy?


MP: The Hopi have a prophecy , that before the return of the True White Brother, that someone would come with a symbol of the sun and a rock that was not from the Americas.This pertains to the legends of the True White Brother who would come with two powerful helpers. And if these three succeed in their mission , the world will go into another stage of peace.But if these three fail in their mission , the world will have another distruction of the world this time by fire. The legend also goes on to say that the Hopi would be betrayed by a member of the Coyote Clan.


BR: So what happened when you took the ROC to the Hopi?


MP: Grandfather David took the ROC into the Kivas for all the Other priests to see.I found out later that a black magician Hopi that I had been warned about in New York City had been sitting in the other room listening to everything that transpired between Grandfather David and myself. The ROC was never

taken into the Kivas; so in many ways the prophecy was filled to the letter of the law.


BR: Does this have anything to do with Harmonic Convergence?


MP:Yes it does in a funny way.Harmonic Convergence, is a great spiritual revelation was to be made to the world; and if this spiritual revelation was made things would be different.


BR: Well Harmonic Convergence came and went. And there seems nothing happened in the world.


MP: Well something actually did happen.I knew nothing about Harmonic Convergence until I read something in the newspaper.I was living in Brisbane at the time when I was contacted by Radio 4BC.So I went in and prerecorded A one hour interview and I told everything about this is really all about.There is a much more deeper meaning to the Golden Pyramid, there is much more spiritual background

to the Golden Pyramid.It is very sacred.And for some reason, here was an opportunity to come clean.Here was an opportunity to state everything and tell it like it is, right from the very beginning when I first heard about the Golden Pyramid, who told me about it and why it is there. After I had finished the interview, several people came into the studio and shook my hand and said "if this is true we are very priviledged to have heard this first."


It was such a long interview.It was conducted by HaydentSeargentwho I believe was an ex-priest. And I didn't know that 4BC was owned by the Catholic Church. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have said anything.The station decided that they would play parts of the interview over the following weeks.By the end of the week, I heard nothing so I called the producer of the show.She said that they thought it might

frighten people.Now that interview is somewhere on tape. I don't know who has it or if it still exists. But it was reminiscent of the coverup when I went to the Hopi. So you can call it a coverup . It was hiding the truth that I was prepared to tell in I realized that one cannot tell the truth and nothing but

the truth,because people are not ready for the truth.


BR:What do you mean by the truth?


MP: Well there are many truths.With the Golden Pyramid, what is there will give us truth who are Gods really are. And when we know who are gods really are, we will know who we really are.


BR:Do you subscribe to the Zecharia Sitchin thesis that the Gods are really extra-terrestial?


MP: Well there has been extra-terrestrial, alien interference with humanity. But they were not our gods. They were not benevolent towards us. I believe they came long ago, before The Adamic Era, during a time called Atlantis. The whole world was once called Atlantis. It was an age , a time that preceded

our own.It was destroyed by a nuclear war, bringing on ,another ice-age around 28000 years ago by what we wouldnow call a nuclear winter.


BR: Was the Golden Pyramid built by Atlanteans?


MP: No. The Golden Pyramid is not really a pyramid butA tomb .And itís the tomb or time-capsule of the good gods who came.Not the ancient extra-terrestials that interfered with humanity's evolution.These were the gods who came around 6000 years ago, began the sudden civilization of Sumeria around 200 years later, and 200 years after they began the civilization in Egypt.And the Egyptians always claim that the "shining white gods" came from the south in boats and began their civilization.They didn't come in UFO's.And the first God of Egypt was Ra-Atum.


They called him Ra and the Goddess Maat, which is the symbol of truth, law and justice, everything that is straight and true. The Bible refers to them as Adamah and Eve.


BR: Yes I think I read somewhere that you claim that this is the tomb of Adam and Eve. Most people except the Creationists, don't believe in Adam and Eve. That it is just a fairy tale.

But you say that it was the first gods of Egypt, RA and MAAT.


MP: Yes they were the same people. If you look a little deeper Into the story of Adam and Eve, you find it is told there in symbolism howbefore they ate the forbidden fruit , they were immortal.It was only after eating the forbidden fruit that they became mortal.In my opinion , anyone who is immortal is a god. And lets face it we haven't the foggiest idea what a god is and what they do.To me a god is another step in evolution.A higher form of evolution.We don't always stay in this physical universe, a universe powered by suns.This universe is a birthing universe where we are born and created. This is a very creative place.But souls are our own, and must evolve into something else, a higher form of matter, something more refined.And when a planet and all its people reach the highest state they can achieve in soul perfection, they and their planet virtually transforms out of this universe into another universe that no longer utilizes suns for energy.This was perfectly described by St. John in Revelations in the Bible.

Now after the Second Coming and when everything that was said to happen, happened, St. John said: " I saw a new heaven and a new earth, and the former things had past away. And there was no more sea. " That basically sums up cosmic evolution into godhood.The gods were once like us. This is a part of the universe of life, a law of the universe.They were once like us and evolved into a different state of atomic matter. We can't see them they are invisible to our senses. But this universe, this heaven if you wish to call it that is all around us. We are separated more by time than by space. The aliens that came were not ready to evolve into this next dimension.Their souls were not ready, they were well behind in spiritual evolution.If our planet was almostready to transform , they could not survive this change, so they conducted a war using nuclear weapons as described in the Vimana literature in India. This would retard and recycle us into the Stone Age.


BR: Quite a leap of faith from Moses in Australia to the epic of Adam and Eve.So you are saying that we have good gods and bad gods.


MP: Well I'm pretty sick of the bad gods, thatís all we get is bad

news.All the theories and doctrines that are coming out in the New Age subscribe to the fact that these aliens and extra-terrestials who came here long ago created humanity as a slave race. We are once again getting back to the Jehovah God, all powerful , invisible , all knowing, power of life-and-death over humanity.And I think its time we had some good news; that there are our gods, our gods are not bad. And

Three came; they changed their bodies (gods do have bodies) and changed their flesh, became of this earth and gave a new bloodline.All those Atlanteans who had been wiped out in this battle which resembles a nuclear holocaustwere without bloodlines to reincarnate into.Their bloodlines were wiped out from the face of the earth and hence without that genetic code they can not reincarnate into this world.Souls reincarnate into a bloodline.That is who we are.The river of life that flowed from Eden is that blood-stream that flows from generation to generation. And our souls catch up with us further on in history.And when it was said in the Bible, "that the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation, what was really being said was our karma.Because in reality we are our future children and grandchildren.We come back as the third and fourth generation, bringing with us our karmic trespasses, our sins andgood deeds also.After they changed, Adam and Eve were clothed in skins, in the flesh and blood of this earth.Prior to that the atomic nature of their bodies was of a much higher and refined state . End of Part I Ö.