The OFO team will never tell you who came up with a given story or who wrote which line.  But, there are a few details they're willing to admit.


JAY FLYNN co-wrote the feature film "Chains" after a foray in British and German television production.   He won a Top Ten Chicago Music Video Award for producing "Just Stop" and wrote the short film "Take Stock In America" for the Lockheed Corp. in association with the U.S. Treasury.   A Chicago native, heís the author of four books about the city.   He holds an M.F.A. in Film and Television from Northwestern University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  MADE HIS FIRST MARK:  As a Sundance Institute Finalist for "All The Candles," currently under option.  LITTLE KNOWN FACT:  Jay regularly relayed sports scores by radio to the MIR space station astronauts.  YES, ITíS TRUE:  He joined the Merchant Marine as an officer, where he soothed a broken heart.


KAENAN OLIVER optioned her first feature screenplay immediately upon completion.  She has two prize-winning short stories to her credit and her first novel was a Writer's Digest award winner.  She's served as a story analyst for entertainment companies and a script consultant to screenwriters as well as producers, including recommending staff writers for a  primetime network drama.  She edited the children's books The Lonesome Pine and The Zabbit, and served as copy chief for The OC Insider magazine.  She's been a contributing food columnist for Warner Bros online and a copywriter for Warner Bros. International Television.  MADE HER FIRST MARK:  Writing the telestory for a CBS Schoolbreak on abortion and as a staff writer on the syndicated children's series "Homer's Workshop."  LITTLE KNOWN FACT:  Traveled the United States as a torch singer.   YES, ITíS TRUE:  She writes all of the team's sex scenes.


DOMINIC OLIVER started writing his ideas on napkins as a Manhattan teenager singing doo-wop in the subways and touring the East Coast.  He studied acting in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and starred in the West Coast premieres of "The Donut Shop" and "Intimate Apparel."   He appears regularly in film and TV, including roles in "Dirt," "House," "NYPD Blue" and HBO's "Double Bang" starring William Baldwin.  Heís a member of LAís Theatre 40 and is currently co-developing the stage musicals "The Music Factory" and "Jingle This."   MADE HIS FIRST MARK:  Sparring with a French poodle on "Hill Street Blues."  LITTLE KNOWN FACT:  His sci-fi idea was the catalyst for forming the OFO writing team.  YES, ITíS TRUE:  He got his first acting job cross-dressing for director Martin Sheen.