Pondering I ponder, I reckon,
When stray thoughts do beckon,
And I know not from whence they come.
Yet it’s clear they appear,
From that place twixt each ear.
Please permit me now to share some:

At McDonald’s, it occurred to me
Just how foolish some people can be.
It’s sure strange how they think,
Paying for that large drink,
With unlimited refills for free.

Then, there’s the guy needing exercise,
So that pricey equipment he buys.
At the grocery store,
He must park near the door –
For it’s too far to walk otherwise.

Spare the rod and spoil the child, once said.
A spanking now called “abuse” instead.
Youngsters often rule,
At home and at school,
With no more trips to the old wood shed.

I wonder, on a stormy day,
How my newspaper gets that way.
Can’t cellophane
Seal out the rain?
Those darn bags seem pointless, I’d say.

They call it “rush hour”, but why,
Stalled in traffic, as time passes by?
While gridlock crushes,
Nobody rushes,
Except that copter in the sky.

We’re watching kids’ morals decline,
Though reasons are hard to define.
Yet, decades ago,
When parents said, “No!”
More well-behaved kids toed the line.

That brings to mind a condition I know -
We repeat ourselves, the older we grow.
For memory fails,
And we repeat tales
That even carried less weight long ago.

~ © Richard McCusker (jotoma@bellsouth.net)

January 2004

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