If your group desires to join in this agreement, please contact us. 

Your web site will then receive proper permission to be added to the list as quickly as possible, and the banner source code provided for display of your association.

It's also possible to be a supporter of the agreement. If you are an event organizer, forum owner or simply run a web site that is topic related and you wish to support our goals, please feel free to contact us also.

Banner examples:

The community of groups reserves the right to remove any group or web site that doesn't meet the requirements of this disclaimer, or fails to comply with its terms. However, a fair hearing will be given before disassociation measures are implemented.

If any illegal or unwarranted use of our banner violates agreement terms (for example, a group / website is unlisted on this web site but displays the banner without permission), we reserve the right to identify this group as an unauthorized abuser of the banner at the top of this website.