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FF9 Jap: Out Now
FF9 US: Nov 14th
FF9 UK: Winter
FF10 Jap: Spring 2001
FF11 : 2001
FF Movie: Spring 2001

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Awaiting FF IX - 13 Nov 2000 by Jason
Hey,hey,hey.....FFIX's release date.'s kinda biggie date for most hardcore Squarsoft gamers, so those who doesn't get it, go dip your head in the swimming pool. A special launch will be held at a Playstation store at Metreon in San Francisco. I heard also heard that prizes are being given away to those nutcracker-hardcore Squaresoft fans, so those who are interested can go in costumes of Squall, Cloud or your favourite Final Fantasy character. (don't go in Red XIII's costume though...^_^ )
Final Fantasy IX US launch - 9 Nov 2000
November 14th 2000. Bookmark this day on your calendar cause' it's the launch of Final Fantasy IX US version. I can't wait , it's only one more week to go. 
I'm back ! - 5 Nov 2000
Sorry for not updating this site for awhile. I have my exams and now it's over :) 
Top Ten ways to enjoy your FF experience - 5 Nov 2000
Here are the top ten ways. Quite cool. Just did this for the fun of it  :) Please check this out. Click here
Affiliates - 5 Nov 2000
I've added two cool affiliates. Excellent site! Just excellent. Please check it out. If you're interested in being affiliates with us. Email me at