Properties of Energy & Matter...
Common knowledge in the 21st century
By James Clifford Cranwell 2/17/98
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dodecahedron Abstract:
Every first year Chemistry student learns of the proton to electron orbital ratio (how an atom is mostly empty space). But if you asked the same student what a three dimensional object is they would undoubtedly say a solid. To me this is just flat out wrong (nothing is solid).
If we look back in history, there was a point in time when everyone thought the Earth was the center of the universe and the Sun revolved around it. Even the educated people of the day wouldn't have had any doubt to the validity of this concept, based on the fact that you can actually see the Sun rise and set (supposedly orbit) around the Earth on any given day. Extremely accurate measurements of the Suns orbit could have also been taken. Leading the whole scientific community to believe they have proved something to ten or twelve decimal places, ...not only falsely confirming the theory, but also inadvertently giving a fundamentally incorrect foundation for others to build upon, that's an extremely important point... even though all the egg-heads concur on something... they can see it, measure it, derive a math formula about it... they are all backwards and thereby wrong. Therefore, even though everyone thinks something works in a certain way and can actually see it with their own two eyes, there is still an allowance for something happening in a completely different manner, and there is always an easier explanation or a different way to explain something. There can even be a completely new math based on particle lengths, it doesn't mean everything else is incorrect ... it just means this can also be correct and deserves consideration.
Flux theory is a complete theory of everything ... including Gravity, The four forces, and a completely new way to understand the way dimensionality actually works. It is based solely on irrefutable logic. And although it is easily understandable by anyone, it requires an open mind and a completely new way of thinking.
After you read Flux theory and realize even though it's a completely new way to look at everything, it will make sense and you'll be able to predict things, for instance why there can only be six Quarks, and the way Electrons will arrange themselves in atomic orbits. It's all here and if you read the whole thing, it ties itself together.
Flux Theory explains (or you will automatically understand) Gravity, Mass, Particle shapes, The Double Slit Experiment, The Four Forces, The Fifth Force, Fringe Patterns, Dark Matter, Missing Matter in the Universe, Binding energy, Alpha Beta Gamma Radiation, Atomic Structures, Induced Fields, Interference, Photo Electric Effect, Polarization of Light, Wave / Particle Duality, Zeeman Effect, Zero-point Energy, Why Superstring theories work mathematically in ten dimensions, Previously unknown effects, Constants and Theories of others (if they were on the right track). It makes everything fall into place.
... A great scientist once said the Grand Unified Field might be a geometric problem and that's exactly what this solution is.

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How and why did I discover gravity?
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It's easy to see from this picture the sun is only about
10 or 20 miles away and right behind the trees