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Default setting for program note display is most common enharmonic value...
C , C# , D , Eb , E , F , F# , G , Ab , A , Bb , B
if you want to overwrite this form and display only sharps or flats, click your choice
You can click on any name found then edit it in the top left box (the default) to anything you want and it will be used in the print display. This allows for anything you can think of.
save | display | clear | title :   Anytime you find a chord or scale you like click "save". When you have all the chords and scales you want click "display" and you'll be able to print or save the page. To start over or make a new page... click "clear" and it will reset the print page. The "clear" above the keyboard only clears the display. If you want your name or a title on the page click ... title