About the Author

My name is Bob Gardner. I was born in the Philippines but my family moved to California when I was a toddler and I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The first time I returned was when I was eleven. I remember my uncles taking me on a jeep ride into the mountains of Zambales which was my first experience in the "boondocks". It wasn't until I finished college that I was able to return and do more extensive traveling and trekking. These experiences are featured on my original Philippine Journeys Website

I'm not affiliated with any outdoor group but during some visits I was able to join local trekking clubs including a National Mountaineering Federation climb that included clubs from all over the country. When I started publishing some of my trips on the Web I came in contact with clubs that had also gone on-line. It is information from these groups and individuals that allows me to expand this Website beyond my own experiences. In this vein I would like to invite anyone with an interest in the theme of this Website to share your knowledge and experience and contribute.

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