Trips - Palawan

Paddling the St. Paul Subterranean River

 by Robert Gardner

    The St. Paul Subterranean River in Palawan is one of the country's original ecotourism destinations even before the eco- term became popular.  It was a destination for intrepid travelers willing to brave long, rough roads and primitive accommodations to enjoy a place untouched by time.  The nearby village of Sabang was synonymous with palm-shaded beaches ringed with simple huts far from the beaten path.  The underground river and surrounding landscape was recognized as a unique natural resource and received national park status in 1971.  Some thirty years later, the road to Sabang is partially paved although there is enough bone-jarring stretches to make it a destination only for true lovers of nature.  Sabang is still a sleepy sea village but there is a wider choice of resorts and disco or karaoke bars to add a little life to the nights. 


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