Trips - Mt. Pulog and Batad Rice Terraces

Photos of Mt. Pulog and the Batad Rice Terraces

by Hernan Torres

My first climb was in 1993 with the invitation of Tots Torio and Johnny Pandela, who eventually became my best buddies. Immediately I was fascinated with the travels, the fun and excitement that goes with it. I get to meet other people along the way, learn different cultures and gain strong camaraderie among my friends. Each and every mountain offers a variety of panoramas and an awesome view of mother nature. Just the experience of reaching the summit alone is self-fulfilling and unquestionably priceless. But mountaineering also involves careful planning and right preparations to minimize risks and dangers and low impact to the environment so you can get the best out of the adventure. Why climb a mountain? Unless you experience it yourself I guess you wouldn't find reasonable answers to this common question.

Here are some of my photos:

1. "Mt. Pulog" - taken December of '94. My third ascent. This is my favorite mountain to climb. Others call it Pulag but from stories I've heard, Pulog came from the local word which means "bald" (mountain). I don't know how true it is.

2. "Mt. Pulog" at sunrise - photo courtesy of my friend, Roland Espino. My 4th climb to Pulog with the MWSS Mountaineers.(February '95)

3. "Tappia Falls" - the majestic water falls of Batad (sometimes called Batad Falls), a potential tourist spot. With me here is the DOT-ASCENT mountaineers and some of my friends.

4. "Batad Rice Terraces" - this amazing amphitheater-like rice terraces is worth comparing with the beauty of the Banaue Rice Terraces, also known as The Eighth Wonder of the World.

Copyright 1999 by Hernan Torres

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