Trips - Mt. Apo
Mt. Apo - Through My Eyes

by Robert Gardner

A few years ago I climbed Mt. Apo, the Philippines' highest mountain, and some of the photos from that trip are on this site in the Climbing Mt. Apo slide show. Recently, I came across a videotape that I had taken during the trip and upon viewing it I noticed some interesting images. Even with a camcorder I have a tendency to take "photos".

This is a collection of images that I extracted and digitized from that tape. Apo is a challenging and unforgiving mountain and through a battery of obstacles such as river wading, drenching rains, muddy trails and thick vegetation, it was difficult to stop and "smell the flowers" much less pull out the camera or camcorder to snap a picture or videotape.

Nevertheless, during the two days we were on the mountain I alternated with the camera and videocam at any opportunity. At right are six of the 24 images that I culled from the video tape. Camcorders aren't digital cameras so the resolution isn't the best but this image series should give you a good view of the mountain whether you've been there yourself and want to refresh your memory or if you just want to experience the beauty of a unique part of the Philippines.

The 24 images are in the order that they were taken. You can Start from the beginning or go to the Next Page for a text listing of images.

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