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Mabuhay! Welcome to my Worl Above and Under the Ground! My name is Urbano B. Defeo, Jr., a filipino Architect presently working here in Hong Kong. Most of friends call me Banny, the people in Tropang Kubaw call me Tito Bans, and known as Vans in the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines Inc. (MFPI). I was born on 15 October 1967 in Manila, Philippines, and graduated on 1989 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture. My involvement in outdoor activities started way back to my childhood. My mountaineering career started during the early eighties in the Philippines though I was only inducted as an official member of the Mountaineering and Exploration Society of Adamson University (MESAU) in 1989. My involvement in the great outdoors grow rapidly since then, participating intensesively in Mountaineering (Tropical Climbing), Rock Climbing and Caving. I'm very honored to be one of the Philippine Team during the joint venture project of MFPI and the BRISTOL EXPLORATION CLUB, a group of four cave explorers based in London, in a caving expedition dubbed as SPELEO PHILIPPINES where I met my wife. We worked with an elite group of cavers based in the United Kingdom for three weeks in the underground labyrinths of Penablanca, in the Province of Tuguegarao in the Northern Region of the Philippines. I still go climbing here in Hong Kong, on natural rock and indoor climbing wall, and during vacations in the Philippines. I hope in the near future to go on rock climbing trips in Thailand, Indonesia and Australia with some friends. My other activities also includes Mountain Biking, Beach Hopping, and Drinking. Please check some great photos of me and my friends in some adventures from below the surface of the earth up to the Philippine mountain peaks in my Mountaineering, Rock Climbing and Caving Galleries.

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