Report your missing gear here  

  • Include as much info as possible in your e-mail.

  • Please allow 4-5 days for me to post your gear on this bulletin board.

  • When  your gear has been returned to you, please let me know so I can remove your post from this board.

Please keep your eye out for the following gear

Place: Stolen from Deland, Florida Date: December 21,1999
Description: Glide Path Firelite, SN FL064
Contact: Eileen at Relative Workshop, (904) 736-7589


Place: Stolen at Chicago O'Hare or San Francico Airport Date: January 23 - 26, 1999
Description: Mirage, SN 0057, black with white writing; Spectre 150, SN SP 150000089, green/blue/yellow; Tempo 150 Reserve, SN 190861, white; Cypres, SN 208196625.
Contact: Andreas Bauer, 


Place: Stolen from a car at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in North Phoenix, Arizona Date: December 4, 1999
Description: Javelin THN, SN 16763, purple with yellow pin stripes, "Mark" on mudflap, "Javelin" on side; Triathlon 135, SN 191802, yellow with purple center panel; Micro Raven 135 Dash M, SN 35935757; Cypres, SN 1141E6625ADC5225X
Contact: Mark Rogers, (316) 459-6487; 


Place: Stolen from a car in Miami Beach, Florida Date: January 29, 2000
Description: Atom harness-container, SN JL076, black with two red diagonal stripes on the back; Spectre 150, SN SP150002591, jade, watermelon, royal blue; Techno 155 reserve, SN JK012B, light blue; Cypres. Spectre 150, blackberry, white, silver. Javelin J-1, SN 111012, emerald green, purple, white; Sabre 150, SN LS15004094, lime green, turquoise; Techno 155, SN GL015B, white; Cypres.
Contact: Skydive DeLand, (904) 738-3539; ; or


Place: Stolen from Borghese Parachute Center in Simcoe, Ontario Date: February 4, 2000
Description: Talon, black, red, white; Silhouette 230, SN SI23000108, blue and magenta; Fury 220, SN F5125R, orange
Contact: Rick Wisson, (519) 428-0957


Place: Stolen from Air Adventures Skydiving, San Diego, CA Date: September-October 1999
Description: Talon, SN 6163, black, converted to BOC; Raven 2, SN02320852, DOM 4/93
Contact: Tom Govea, (619) 656-0319


Place: Stolen from Mile-Hi Skydiving Center, Longmont, Colorado Date: February 1999
Description: Vector 2 V-5, SN 8526, denim blue with silver gray main and reserve flaps and tape; PD 210, SN 7783, orange and yellow; Cirrus reserve, SN R4-1634, white; Cypres, SN 1131E5615ECA22 40.
Contact: Mile-Hi Skydiving, (303) 702-9911 or


Place: Stolen from The Parachute Center, Lodi, California Date: 
Description: Javelin, SN5782, black with forest green, DOM 08/94; Pegasus main, light blue, dark blue, purple; Raven Ireserve, SN 01423922, black, blue, magenta, DOM09/94. Reward
Contact: Bill Dause, (209) 369-1128 or   Reward!!


Place: Stolen from a car in Queens, New York Date: May 14, 1999
Description: Racer Elite, SN 45805, gray with purple trim, black backpad, purple pop top; Sabre 190 main, purple with black ends cells; 230 reserve, yellow
Contact: Mike Vazquez, (516) 342-1569


Place: Stolen from a car in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Date: May 7, 1999
Description: Sweethog container, SN 10011024, black with green and pink flap; PD 150 main, red; PD 143R reserve, SN 1134, pink
Contact: Lisa Roy, (507) 645-9531


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