Mt. Guiting-Guiting is saw-teeth shaped mountain located in the heart of Sibuyan Island, one of the seven islands of Romblon Province in the Philippines. Guiting-Guiting, in the local dialect means jagged, which explains the name of the mountain. Its highest peak is at 2,058 meters.
Everyone was really excited about climbing G2 that 20 people confirmed and prepared to join the trek a month before. However, as the departure date got nearer the numbers dwindled. On October 28, 2005 the team was now down to Paul, Odie, Jeffrey, Jojo, Jen, and Joeamps. Check and print the treks itinerary and expenses. Here is a sneak peek of the peak.

10th Anniversary Special Feature: WHEN IT ALL STARTED


Mt. Kalatungan is a potentially active volcano situated in the province of Bukidnon. It is tallest mountain in the Kalatungan Range Natural Park with an elevation of 2824 meter above sea level.
April 2004 was the month Team Sierra TC got to experience the view from the peak.


Sierra Trekkers joins Trek'N for the 17th HALMS Annual climb last April 15 - 19, 2003.
The 32-man team from Cebu organized by Trek'N were just plain excited to climb Mt. Halcon. Knowing all to well of Halcon's reputation for being the hardest mountain to climb in the archipelago. And the group got to taste the pain Halcon can offer and then some.
It can be recalled that years ago Halcon claimed the life of one climber.This time the Halcon also had a taste of controversy regarding the number of participants which was way beyond what was expected.

Anyways, checkout the pics less the pain.


Last October 30 to November 3, 2002 Sierra Trekkers Cebu climbed the 2,462 meters high Mount Mayon in Bicol. The team composed of 14 determined souls left for Legazpi City last October 30 via Masbate on board a inter-island ferry at the Ouano wharf. Before arriving Legazpi City the team was informed in advance that Mayon was closed by Philvocs and chances of climbing the volcano was not possible. So the team decided that Malinao was the next best option. They were graciously welcomed at George Cordovilla's residence and was given a tour of the scenic spots of the city. Last minute negotiations with authorities and waivers signed opened Mayon to the team to conquer. Everybody was happy and they immediately proceeded to the jump-off area with no other than Johnny Boy Anonuevo as guide. Due to the nature of Mayon's terrain and temper the mountain had to be climbed cautiously and cut-off times to be strictly met. The trek to the mouth of the crater, what mountaineers call "knife's edge", was ardous. The arid landscape was totally out-of-this-world and the elevation gain can literally take your breath away. The whole experience surely left a indelible mark on everyone.
Here is our trek itinerary and pictures.


The team was composed of 20 friends coming from different backgrounds but all share the same passion.

The goal was to bag 2 peaks in a one week expedition to the grand Cordillera mountain ranges in Luzon. Mt. PULAG, 2922 meters asl, is the third highest in the Philippines and highest peak in the island of Luzon and Mt. NAPULAUAN, 2630 meters asl, were chosen.

After months of preparation and planning, Roy G, the expedition organizer and leader, decided to do Napulauan then Pulag for this one week expedition. Nothing can be said of the physical preparation each participant had to do for the climb, however, no one can prepare for the mind games that lies ahead...

Click here to view pictures.


Mt. Dulang-dulang, which has an elevation of 2,938 meters a.s.l. is the second highest peak in the country. D2 belong to the Mt. Kitanglad Range National Park that dominates the northern half of Central Mindanao. It has more than a dozen peaks five of which have high elevation (Mt. Dulang-Dulang, 2,938 meters; Mt. Kitanglad, 2,899 meters; Mt. Maagnaw, 2,742 meters; Mt. Lumuluyaw, 2,612 meters; Mt. Tuminungan, 2,400 meters). The climate is characterized as having a short dry season lasting only from one to three months with no pronounced maximum rain period. The area is virtually cloud-covered throughout the year. The Park receives the highest amount of rainfall in June; March is the driest month.

Click here to view our Mt. Dulang-dulang trek.


Bulusan Volcano National Park in Sorsogon was the venue for SIERRA's first major peak for 2001. The 1558m (5110ft ASL) Bulusan Volcano stands in the heart of Sorsogon province, is an active stratovolcano whose last recorded eruption was November 27, 1994. It has four (4) craters on its peak one of which is now the 20m Blackbird Lake. Bulusan is made up of lava flows and domes. It is flanked by several cones namely; Mt. Homahan, Mt. Binactan, Mt. Batuan, Mt. Juban, Mt. Calaunan, Mt. Tabon-Tabon, Mt. Calungalan and Mt. Jormajan. Beside the active volcano is an old ridge called the Sharp peak which is 1215m high and 1.8km to the northeast and can be seen at Lake Bulusan.

The expediton started in Cebu on the evening of April 6 and and came full circle 6 days later. The team was composed of the following: Wini, Cathy, Ichu, Henry, Garlon, Ramie, Ian (Hippoville Mountaineers), Joel, Bong and local guide Joseph Gamba. Here is our "mission impossible...play by ear...atbp." itinerary.

(PS. SIERRA TC would like to thank Eugene Abarquez [Habagat - SM Cebu], George Cordovilla & Johnny Boy Anonuevo [Vertical Climbing Gym, Legazpi City], and Karina Discaya [Sorsogon] for the advance info they provided.)

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