First Nebraska Volunteer Infantry

Company "A"

"Grant's Nebraskans"

"They met the storm, no man flinching, and their fire was terrible.  To say they did well is not enough.  Their conduct was splendid.  They alone repelled the charge."- Gen. Lew Wallace, Feb. 20, 1862 about the 1st Nebraska at Ft. Donelson.

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In April, 1861 Confederate soldiers fired the first shots of the American Civil War on Ft. Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. Shortly after this incident, President Abraham Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to help fight in this rebellion. The call was heard all across the country, even in the fledgling territory of Nebraska. In June and July, 1861 companies were raised throughout the territory and surrounding states, and by August the 1st Nebraska was marching off to war. The regiment fought in the famous battles of Ft. Donelson and Shiloh along with other minor engagements in Missouri and Arkansas. In October, 1863 the regiment was changed from infantry into cavalry, and was transferred to the frontier to battle the Plains Indians. The regiment was finally mustered out of service in 1866. By war's end, the Territory of Nebraska had offered more than one third of her eligible male population to the war, a ratio even greater than the Union's most populous states.

Today's 1st Nebraska is a reenacting unit whose purpose and goal is to ensure that the memories of those Nebraskans who served in the Civil War will be remembered and honored. Members of the unit hail from Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. Through displays, living history, and battle reenactments the public is able to learn of the sacrifices that Nebraska made during this horrible conflict.

To contact us, we have monthly business meetings the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the basement of the VFW Hall at 33rd and Leavenworth in Omaha, Nebraska.  You can also contact Lloyd Coates in Omaha at 402-498-0837 or Larry Angle in Lincoln at 402-435-0638.

   Dakota Epic: Experiences of a Reenactor During the Filming of "Dances With Wolves".  Written by Bill Markley (1st Nebraska Member)

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List Price: $13.95


Marching With The First Nebraska: The Civil War Dairy of August Scherneckau.  Edited by James Potter and Edith Robbins

Available at Barnes & Nobles, NE Historical Society and

List Price: $34.95

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