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here the gang fought Seymour in FF X).
  • 9. Bartschella-Kilika, Donnaís house
  • The last one is in the Cactuar Hallow, located in the northern part of the Cactuar Nation. Speak to Marnela and proceed into the Hallow. After you defeat the Jumbo Cactuar, then lead the little punk back outside! (*Tip, in order to get all the treasure chests in the pit that fills with sand, you will have to go through more than once. Donít worry if you drown in the sand, you will only start over at the beginning of the sand pit. It wonít be Game Over.) After you rescue the last one from the Cactuar Hollow, itís Mission Complete!

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    Letís Make Some Monkey Love!--Zanarkand
    To get an Episode Complete! for Zanarkand in Ch.5, one of the things you have to do is play monkey-love matchmaking. The best time to do this is in Ch. 2. In order to make Yuna happy, and get the tourists out of Zanarkand, the monkeys need to procreate! Believe it or not, they are picky (in other words, no noogie from a monkey they donít like!) So, you must find the one that has little pink hearts floating above itís head, pick it up, then roam around until you find itís mate. If you pick the wrong mate, then it will steal gil from you. Once you have found its mate, look for the next monkey with hearts above itís head. You can pretty much which monkey goes with which just by trying to match their names. For example, The monkey named "Dusky" will match with "Dawn." No monkeys are outside of the dome. The reward for this mission is the Soul of Thamasa accessory.

    READY! HERE WE GO! (*.....Love is in the air......*)

    Thatís it! May monkey love be felt all throughout Zanarkand!

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