Links Which are (Hopefully) Humorous and/or Entertaining:

Book-A-Minute (
          Puts Cliff Notes to shame.

A Boke of Gode Cookery (
          Go medieval on your kitchen.

Brunching Shuttlecocks (
          Articles and Features to waste the hours away.

Calvin and Hobbes (
          A lovely collection of comics, scanned for your viewing pleasure.

Canadian World Domination (
          Don't Say I didn't warn you.

Computer Features (
          Yeah, you have probably already seen it in a dozen forwards.

Computer Stupidities (
          True Stories, Real People.

Creep of the Week (
         Really rather self explanitory.

Dumbentia (
          Parodies for the masses.

Dumb Laws (
          A frighteningly extensive catalogue.

The Evil Criminal Test (
          What sort of evil criminal might you be?

Evil Elf Dance (
          'Cause the world is growing tired of hampsters.

Flame Warriors (
          A complete listing of the classes of flame warrior

Froggy Dance (
          Do a little dance... Make a little love.... Get down tonight!

Galaxy Quest (
          Someone with way too much time on his hands, 
          and way too much interest in Galaxy Quest, downright freakish.

Holy Sites (
          A directory of "Holy Sites" on the internet. 
          Ever wondered what a fundamentalist has to say? now you can find out.

The Horrible Affliction Test (
        I'm Rickets, what are you?  Think we could team up sometime?

Lego Studios (
          A scene for scene re-creation of the Camelot song from Monty Pythong and the Holy Grail.
          As played by Legos.

MC Hawking's Crib (
          Discography and selections of mp3s by hiz badness, Stephen Hawking. (
          Little doses of funny.

Obscure Website Test (
         Which obscure website are you?

Pardon me for being forward (
         Yes, I have seen that forward before.

The Parking Lot is Full (
          A spifftastic online comic.

Political Upgrade (
          Humor for the non-Republican.

Randy Wanker's homepage (
          They don't come more sensitive than him.

A Resume (
          You should really consider hiring Harrison Morgan.

SatireWire (
          Pretty much what you think you would find here.

Skewpoint (
          "Breaking news.... Beyond Repair."

Squiggles Office (
          Kathana did it, probably best not to ask really.

Stick Figure Deaths (
          For the morbid, or those who truly want to know just what it looks like 
          when a stick man dies doing Laundry.

Utah Baby Namer (
          Yes, it is what you think it is.



Even sadder than the fact that I appear to have no life to speak of, is the fact that a bunch of my favourite links no longer seem to be in existence. *cries*  *will never see Tony Blair dancing to "Slim Shady" again....*