This is a really old picture of Yveva, but she likes it 'cause it was back when she had loooong hair and was 17, now she is 23 and old and wise. 

A'ight, here's the lowdown, Yveva is FINISHED(!!!) college, and working full time, that means she has thismuch time, and that's it.  She also has THIS MANY ideas for what to do with this site, but she probably won't do any of them anytime soon because, well, though she is no longer a senior in college and cramming in credits like nobody's business, and she is no longer working at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, she does work full time at Glencairn, and half time at Glenn Hall, plus there are those 3D people she likes to call friends.  She might just sneak time away from her busy schedule of doing nothing in her free time to update though (like she is today)

Basically I figured I should put this up because myself linked to me, and I should have something there (here) for the kind people who want to know who April is and end up going to my site instead.  To the right are things I have made years and years ago (ok, maybe two-three years ago) and have in random folders here.  Some are completed things, and others are ongoing projects that I will probably get to when I have free time again (which I have figured out will be roughly the time I am 60). BECAUSE (and here's the fun part) I am going to Graduate school next year. I have been planning to and all, but now I have been officially accepted to and funded by The University of Western Ontario (all together now "ooooooooohhhhhh" "aaaaaahhhhhhhh").

Following are updates made over the past year(ish) that I have been to lazy to actually integrate in the menu. It'll happen someday, maybe.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Internship.

I done growed up!.

Once upon a time, I had looong hair.

Some random pictures

for those of you who want to hire me, or are just curious
(it is all boring looking so that you can print it)