Death Star Repairemn (the band)

The Death Star Repairmen (the band)

The Death Star Repairmen are a small group of dedicated servicemen who, after a lengthy tour of the Imperium's greatest space station repairing the controls that exted the bridge, finding out what shut down all the garbage mashers on the detention level, and filling in all the blast points in the corridors, like to relax with a few drinks and some good music.

They are backed up by the Lost Space Robot, an unfortunate traveller who just needs a few kind donations for fuel and spaceship repair.

They play a small but entertaining selection of songs including "Come on, Little Jedi," "Red Five," and "Flying Saucers Rock & Roll." Occasiohnally they extend into ballads of other famous creatures with fuzzy, wooly toes. A good time is guaranteed for all who join them in their post-work revelry.


3/12/06: Live at 169! 8 PM, 169 Bar, 169 East Broadway, between Rutgers & Jefferson St's. Take F train to East B'way, get out Rutgers St exit.

1/14/05: The Big Apple Con The Penn Plaza Pavilion, 7th Ave & 33rd St.

1/13/05: Live at 169! 8 PM, 169 Bar, 169 East Broadway, between Rutgers & Jefferson St's. Take F train to East B'way, get out Rutgers St exit.

9/6/05: Captain Zorikh's Birthday Gig! 169 Bar, 169 East Broadway, between Rutgers and Jefferson Streets, NYC.

6/25/05: Collision Machine at D&S Knitwear, 97 Wycoff Ave at Hart St, 2nd Floor, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Star Wars Opening Day Party at Plan B! That's at the bar/night club Plan B at 339 E. 10th St. For more details go to The Angel 503z Party Page .

The name of this musical combo was inspired by the brilliant and funny short film "Death Star Repairmen" by Darryl Gold. Visit his website by clicking on the banner below:
Death Star Repairmen video

(Aside from this inspiration, this combo has no official ties with this video or the makers of it, though we wish we did, 'cause it's a really funny peice of filmmaking! It's an excellent website too! And I'm not just trying to suck up to the Mr. Gold because I hope he doesn't sue us for using the name, it's really good. No, I mean it...)

Zorikh and Bronco, hot rockin' music and spaceship repair
Zorikh's Home Page

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