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        Every lawyer is smart enough to practice law, but not every lawyer has the heart for the fight.
        In the criminal courts disputes are resolved through the adversarial system. This means that the government has a lawyer and the accused has a lawyer. These two lawyers are adversaries on the issue of whether the accused is guilty. If both sides do not engage in zealous representation, the process will not produce a reliable result. If one side does not fight, the outcome will not be a fair and just one. Often this means that the accused is sentenced to prison, separated from loved ones, and branded with the stigma of criminality.
        I believe in the adversarial system and I believe in the good fight, but just showing up with a good belief will not win the day. Training is necessary in the art and science of advocacy and jury persuasion. Not only have I received extensive training from the country’s best trial lawyers, I have been a teacher of trial methods all over the country for almost 20 years. Results in trial reflect the training and belief.
        While I realize that counsel should try to settle cases, I believe settlement should be on my client’s terms, not the government’s. Long ago I heard it said that you negotiate best from a position of strength. The truth of that statement rings like a bell and I believe it. The best way to settle a case is to be prepared to fight it - that and to present a real trial threat to your adversary. I bring 25 years of experience to the courtroom. I also bring the heart for the fight.