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No, not that kind.
THIS kind.
Cake's all-purpose ecletic rock appeared nationwide in 1995, when Capricorn released their debut album "Motorcade of Generosity".  The Sacramento-based band originally included guitarist Greg Brown, bassist Victor Damiani, trumpeter Vince D Fiore, vocalist and guitarist John McCrea, and drummer Todd Roper.  In 1996, Cake scored their first radio hit with "The Distance", which eventually pushed its accompanying album "Fashion Nugget" to platinum sales status.  Consisting of McCrea, Di Fiore, Roper, guitarist Xan McCurdy and bassist Gabe Nelson, Cake toured in support of their third album "Prolonging the Magic" two years later, notching the hit "Never There."  In the spring of 2000, the band jumped ship to Columbia, and their former label Capricorn immediately set about preparing a greatest-hits collection, which was released later that fall.
People who like Cake (food)
People who like Cake (band)
Kyle - I've only heard one of their songs, but it was cool. Kyle - mmmmm... chocolate...
Jon - I like the kind that has the pudding filling inside.... mmmmmmm....
Jon - Cake RULES!!!
AAROn - Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, and cake!!! They go hand in hand like two hands.
AAROn - I'm a long time fan of da cake.