Post anything and everything you have to say about anything and everything here!!!

	Kyle, 01/05/04

This page is dedicated to Aaron, 'cuz he gave me the idea for it.  Use this page at will.

	Aaron, 01/10/04

Gee-REAT NEWS!!! You know how I havn't worked on my site since about the start of 
december??? well, I decided that today, on January the 10th, I am gonna start workin on 
it again.

	Aaron, 01/11/04

I've created a tabloid page on my site. Come check it out at It's not completly 
finished yet, but I have one article so far and many more to come!!!

	Matt, 01/11/04

Come and check out my site. ( it's being updated almost daily 
now and is quiickly becoming the greatist site on the internet!!! Keep an eye out for the 
TayPoul movies to become available soon.

	Aaron, 01/13/04

I've made a review page, and so far, it only has one review on it, but come check it out 
anyways at my site. ( I also added some kool 
little pictures... e-mail me at and tell me if you like them. 
I also fixed the 2nd article on my tabloid page, so come look at it on my site. 

	Aaron, 01/15/04

I made the strongbad page today.... Come check it out at

	Kyle, 01/17/04

Aaron was too lazy to tell me what to say, so I'll just say it:  Aaron's original site is
now working again at