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Zorikh Lequidre's acting, music, stage combat, entertaining web pages

Zorikh Lequidre's Acting, Music, Satge Combat, Entertainment Web Pages

My headshots and resume

Last updated 12/30/04.

Zorikh Lequidre, Musical Entertainer

Photos of me in various acting roles

Zorikh and Bronco, rockin' music and space ship repair

My Talent Garage website

Stage Combat NYC Yahoo! group

Stage combat sword merchants on the web


Talent and variety showcase!

Martial Arts Theater Ensembles' "White Eyebrow and the Destruction of Shaolin"

Alternative Theater of New York's "Richard III" by William Shakespeare

Beverly Bonner's

Manhattan Towers

Faux Real Theater Co's "William Shakespeare's Haunted House"

2003, and links for pictures and reviews of it!

Gorilla Rep's "The Death of King Arthur"


Biggs Rosati's "Les Trois Mousketaires" 2000 tour schedule

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