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Where you can find more interesting stuff you'd never think you'd care about!

My favorite band of all time!
Heraldry, maps, and history of medieval France(this was a great site, but it's not been responding lately.If anyone knows where it went, let me know via the guestbook, above.)
more Shakespeare stuff
Blazons of the peers of Elizabethan England
Society for Creative Anachronism
Aussie football in NY!

Sports Logos! - Home of the Touchdown Buddha
Official Arena Football League site
My Sports and Sports Art Site!
A Civil War reenactment analysis by modern American military personell
My heraldic translations for the Royer Genealogical page
The website of the closest blood relatives of mine that I've found on the internet. A cute and homey little place. (This site hasn't been responding lately. If anyone knows why, let me know via the guestbook)

This is a great website packed with information and links to comic websites and all kinds of information about comics:

This is a wonderful site with lots of educational material and links regarding our disposable trash culture.Thay also list my site:
Trash Compactor

Yes, the fields of interest here are rather eclectic, which is why I chose "Athens" as my "neighborhood". Feel free to return and browse often. Things will change a lot, and you may find yourself fascinated by a subject you never thought much about!


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