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Duckball Home Video
Pennsic XX documentary
10th Anniversary Special Edition

$25.00 + $3.50 p&h
This product features the original 68-minute documentary released in 1991, an additional 47 minutes of bonus footage, a hard plastic case with full-color cover, and informative "where-are-they-now" brochure. This video is a definite "must-have" for the SCAdian library. It is the largest and most complete documentary ever released of the Pennsic war, containing the woods, field, castle, and belted champions battles, several tournaments, music by Jack-In-The-Green and others, peerage ceremonies, opening and closing ceremonies, courts, the fools parade, classes, archery, artisans, shopping, and interviews with some of the early founders of Pennsic and the SCA, along with younger members who have since gone on to become peers and royalty. It is not only a wonderful document of this historic event, but also an ideal introduction to the SCA, useful at demos, meetings, or just showing people what you do for a hobby. Originally shot on Super-VHS and Hi-8 video, this program was digitally remastered and duplicated on high-quality, hi-fi VHS tape.

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cover of the video box for Duckball Home Video's Pennsic 20 video documentary, 10th anniversary special edition Below are actual sceen captures from the video: Vidcap of field ceremony from Pennsic XX (20) video documentary

Vidcap of the field battle from Pennsic XX (20) video documentary

Watch This Space: The Internet Generation
comics and stories

$4.95 + $1.50 p&h

This black-and-white magazine contains an original 5-page time-travelling comics adventure set in Medieval England, written and drawn by Zorikh Lequidre, and the first part of The Amzing Grendel Conspiracy by Allain Atienza.

Watch This Space Comics and Stories cover

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