Francisco de Coronado's incredible conquistador expedition of 1540 was one of the greatest explorations of all time. It began near what is now Ures, Sonora, and entered Arizona probably following the course of the San Pedro River. Coronado then passed by what is now Bylas of the the San Carlos Reservation and crossed the Black River to where Whiteriver now is located. He then continued on to Zui, New Mexico, where he shamelessly attacked the pueblo of Hwikuh. He continued to wreak havoc on other pueblo cultures along the Rio Grande. Later, he entered the Great Plains and marched on to near what is now Salina, Kansas. After concluding he had explored enough, he returned to Mexico by retracing his steps.

Possibly the best book to consult about Coronado's expedition is:

Bolton, Herbert Eugene. Coronado: Knight of Pueblos and Plains. Albuquerque: Univ. of New Mexico Press, 1949.

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