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My town, Biloela: (click to visit the Biloela Directory)

Hello from Biloela, in central Queensland, Australia. Biloela is an aboriginal word meaning "white cockatoo". A white cockatoo is a noisy white parrot with a yellow crest, which sounds a little like a crow, except the call is more a shriek than a complaint.

Biloela is a town of approximately 6,000, with open cut coal mines, an abattoir, power stations, & grain crops. Thangool airport is close by. Rockhampton & Gladstone are our nearest cities - so Yeppoon & Tannum Sands are our nearest beaches.

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buttonMy childhood:

I'm a 5th generation Australian woman, of mainly British descent, originally from Kanyan, in south east Queensland. I have two older brothers & two younger sisters. I grew up on a farm at Kanyan, & went to a small primary school, at Theebine, where I enjoyed designing ballgowns & floorplans while my teachers were busy. My favourite high school subjects were English & Biology.

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buttonWork history:

I worked for several years in a bank; studied beauty therapy; became a legal secretary; married & moved to Biloela; worked part-time as a bookkeeper in a travel agency; gave birth to Mimi; worked part-time, word processing & inputting data; gave birth to Bokbok. In 1998 I taught recorder & internet to Mimi's class at school; & created the first web sites for two Biloela schools. I work for a newspaper, organising features display advertising. I have my own business - I'm a web designer.

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Near death experiences interest me, for what they say about Heaven,& our priorities while on Earth.

I believe that we should treat ourselves & others with love, caring & respect.

I believe that we should try to reach our full potential, & help others do the same.

I believe that we make the choices that decide our own lives.

I believe that we are here to learn compassion, generosity, helpfulness, & truthfulness.

I believe gratitude & laughter promote healing.

I believe that whatever we give our attention to, we get more of!

I believe it is our responsibility to feel good, & that feeling good is one of the most important things there is.

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buttonInterests (links):

buttonHerbal medicine

buttonGenealogical (family tree) research:

(surnames: Austin, Blair, Chapman, Christensdatter, Coles, Davidson, Dinesen, Evans, Gatherade/Gathercole, Grant, Hammond, James, King, McCoy/McKay, Meredith, Mitchell, Neal, Neve, Nielsen, Norgaard, Partridge, Pegg, Stephens, Stuffins/Steffene, Thomas, Tuffrey, Turner)

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buttonManifestation (creative visualization)

buttonReflexology (foot massage)


buttonThe Science of Getting Rich (free downloadable book & message boards)

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buttonOther Links:

Zynnya Internet Design

buttonZynnya Internet Design (pay me to create a web site for you)

buttonMy art gallery (with links to other artists)

buttonCatherine Clay (Russian speaking web designing online diary writing talented photographer from the US)

buttonAnagrams (what could your name spell?)

buttonWhoWhere (to find anyone's address/'phone#/email address!)

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Hello from Heaven!
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God Games : What Do You Do Forever?!
by Neil Freer, introduction by Zechariah Sitchin
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Biloela l My childhood l Work history l Beliefs l Interests(with links) l My Genealogy l Other Links

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