Welcome to Zyon - D5
Hello and welcome to Zyon - D5. Here I (Eyo) adopt out the rare Kajis.

Kajis are Kangaroo-like creatures that go through 3 growth stages: Joey, Joeji, and Adult.

The also come in 8 breeds: Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Thunder, Earth, Air, and Psychic. Each differs from color as well as from personality.

To adopt a Kajis you must make sure that you have read *all* of the rules.

-You must have a webpage for your Kajis.
-You must have an email address.
-You must have your Kajis up on its page within 2 weeks time.
-You must have a stat table for your Kajis.
---Name, Gender, Stage, Breed, Ect.
-Do not re-shape, re-color, or re-adopt the Kajis.
-You must have a link back to http://www.oocities.org/zyond5/index.html
-You may only adopt 1 Kajis at a time.

Now that you have read *all* the rules, look through the nursery section and choose one of the Kajis to adopt. Then email me at hotc@email.com with the following info:

Your name:
Your email:
Kajis' url:
Kajis' name:
Kajis' gender:
Kajis' breed:
Kajis' liter (include parents names if it has any):

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