Megalauncher VIP 3.2.2

What is Megalaucher? Well it's a very useful launcher. Instead of using the PalmOS launcher (the main screen where you access all your applications on you palm), you can use MegaLauncher.  Why would you want to do this?

First and foremost - function. MegaLaucher easily lets you manage tasks that are cumbersome on the native PalmOS launcher. Functions like deleting and beaming are not only easier, but more powerful.

Second - looks. Megalaucher makes your PalmOS look good.

Download it at Zypgroups-1

Above is a screenshot of MegaLauncher.

Tap the Menu button on the grafitti area to get the tool bar on top. Select option and you will see a screen similar to below.

Select Color and Skin setup and change the "Current skin database name" You must first download and hotsync over skins.  Check ZypGroups-1 for skins as well.

Skin Name:


Beaming from MegaLauncher

Beaming from Megalauncher is much more powerful than that allowed by the PalmOS launcher.

You can select a particular application such as "Ababall" or "5mTox."

You can also select databases to beam (as shown in the example, I've expanded the 5mTox by hitting the arrow - it drops down to show the databases). This function in NOT available in the native PalmOS launcher

Favorites list

The bottom bar on the main MegaLaucher screen is multifunctional.  The third colum icon can bring up:

a favorites list of 10 apps

the 10 most recently used apps

the 10 most commonly used apps.

This is great if you have programs that you want to access frequently and don't want to worry about swtiching to the right category or searching through the entire list of you apps.

Pop-UP Operations

Megalauncher has 2 function when clicking icons on the screen.

If you press the icon and release, it will lauch the particular application.

If you press and hold and application's icon, the "Application operations" pop-up windows appears. From here you can delete, categorize, beam, and move to and expansion card.

There are other launchers that are available. You should try them.  I have found that this is the most FUNCTIONAL of all the launchers.
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