Step By Step Guide

for installing Skyscape products to the memory card

this example uses 5 Minute Clinical Consult, but same technique used for all Skyscape products

You need McFile installed on you Palm prior to starting.

A. Install 5 Minute Clinical Consult trial version after downloading. You will need to hotsync the files to your Palm device once download. Just follow the instructions provided by SkyScape.
B. Start McFile
  1. Tap the Palm icon in the lower left corner of the screen. This will bring up a list of all files on your Palm device.
  2. Select all the files from 5 Minute Clinical Consult by checking the box next to the name
  3. Select the "Move Button" in the lower right portion of the screen
C. Next you will see the "Directory List" screen which is a graphical representations of all the folders your memory stick.
  • Depending on what's on your screen, you may need to click the memory card first.
  • Next click on the Palm Folder to see its subdirectories
  • Then click on Launcher. You will notice that the folder icon "opens" when it is selected.
  • You have now selected to move the files to the /palm/launcher folder on your memory card.
  • In my example, the memory card is named "Noho"
D. Next select the Memory Card icon in the lower left corner of the screen

  • McFile will the display the files that are in the "open folder" which should be /palm/launcher.
  • You can navigate in the memory stick as you would in windows, double-click on the Folder followed by two dots to ascend a directory level to /palm.